How To Apply For The Sweden Tourist VISA

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Sweden Tourist VISA

The Sweden Tourist VISA allows it’s holders to travel around Sweden for a short period of time (not more than 90 days).

It is a short stay VISA.

However, due to the fact that Sweden is a Schengen Country, you’ll have to apply for the Schengen Tourist VISA for Sweden.

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Sweden Tourist VISA

Required Documents For Schengen Tourist VISA
  1. The Schengen Tourist VISA application form for Sweden. Fully completed with correct information, printed and signed at the end.
  2. Two recent photos. Taken within the last three months, in compliance with the Schengen VISA photo criteria.
  3. Valid passport. No older than ten years and with a minimum validity of three months beyond your planned stay in Schengen. It must have at least two blank pages in order to be able to affix the VISA sticker.
  4. Roundtrip reservation or itinerary. A document that includes dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from the Schengen area. Find out how to get flight reservation for tourist VISA application.
  5. Travel Health Insurance. Evidence that you have purchased Health Insurance that covers medical emergencies with a minimum of €30,000, for your whole period of stay. The Insurance policy can easily be purchased online from Europe Assistance or AXA Schengen.
  6. Proof of accommodation. Evidence that shows where you will be staying throughout your time in Schengen. This could be a:
    • Hotel/hostel booking. With name, complete address, phone and e-mail, for the entire time you will be in the Schengen area.
  7. Rent agreement. If you have rented a place, in the country you will be staying.
  8. Letter of tour organizer. If you will be traveling with a tour agency.
  9. Proof of financial means. Evidence that shows you have enough money to support yourself throughout your stay in Schengen. This could be a:
    • Bank account statement.
    • Sponsorship Letter. When another person will be financially sponsoring your trip to the Schengen Zone. It is also often called as an Affidavit of Support.
    • A combination of both.

Evidence of employment status.

  • If employed:
    • Employment contract,
    • Leave permission from the employer
    • Income Tax Return
  • If self-employed:
    • A copy of your business license,
    • Company’s bank statement of the latest 6 months
    • Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • If a student:
    • Proof of enrollment &
    • No Objection Letter from University
  • Travel Itinerary. A description of your trip to Europe, your purpose of travelling, which places are you going to visit in Europe, the time frame and all the personal data.
  • For Minors:
    • Either birth certificate / proof of adoption / custody decree if parents are divorced / death certificate of parent
    • Letter of consent from parents, including passport copies of both parents/ legal guardian

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Application Procedures

Sweden Tourist VISA Application

You have to follow the steps below:

  • Check if you need a Schengen Tourist VISA for Sweden: Most Countries are exempted from using a VISA to enter Sweden.
  • Download the Schengen Tourist VISA Application form for Sweden and fill it correctly.
  • Compile the required documents
  • Visit the Sweden Embassy or Consulate in your Home Country to Lodge your application.
  • Book an appointment with the Sweden consulate
  • Attend VISA Interview
  • Pay VISA Fee
  • Wait for your VISA to be processed.

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Important Things To Note

  1. Apply for a Schengen Tourist VISA at least 2 weeks prior to the planned trip. The Embassy Consulate will then reply in 10 working days as common (or less as usually occurs), the time taken to proceed all the documentation and the travelers’ request.
  2. Tourist VISA is commonly valid for stays no more than 90 days.
  3. A Tourist Schengen VISA can be extended only in some very specific occasions, as:
    • Late Entry
    • Humanitarian Reasons
    • Force Majeure
    • Important Personal Reasons





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