How To Apply For The Singapore Tourist VISA

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Singapore Tourist VISA

The Singapore Tourist VISA enables its holders to travel to Singapore for tourism. However, it is just a pre-entry permit.

You’ll need a Short-term visit Pass on reaching Singapore.

Do well to read this article to the end, as we would provide you with a detailed guideline, on how you can apply for this kind of VISA.

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Singapore Tourist VISA

The procedures for applying for the Singapore Tourist VISA is still the same process for applying for other Singapore VISAs.

You’ll have to check first whether your Country needs a VISA to enter into Singapore or not.

You can apply online, through a local Singaporean contact or a strategic partner, using ICA’s e-Service. or at a Singaporean Diplomatic Mission.

Take note of the followings:

  • You cannot submit a Singapore VISA application yourself. You need to find an authorized VISA Agent, strategic partner or local contact in Singapore to submit the Singapore VISA application for you, even though you fill out your own VISA application form, and gather your documents.
  • Authorized VISA agents and strategic partners are travel Agencies, that the Singaporean Government has authorized to submit VISA applications. They can submit an application on your behalf through the SAVE (Submission of Application for VISA Electronically) that is available on ICA’s (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) website.
  • A Singapore Local Contact is someone you know and trust in Singapore (citizen or permanent resident) that is eligible to register on SingPass and submit an application for you. They must be at least 21 years old.
  • You will have to get in touch with them regarding their requirements and application process, if you are applying through a Singaporean diplomatic mission.

You will have to pay your Singapore VISA processing fee once it’s done.

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Required Documents

  • Completed Singapore VISA application form; You have to answer questions regarding your personal information, marital status, where in Singapore you will be staying, your address in your home country, the purpose of your visit, your intended stay, and so on. You must sign the document yourself. When you arrive at the entry port in Singapore, the ICU could ask you to submit it.
  • Your passport/travel document; It has to be valid for at least six months after your VISA expires.
  • Photocopy of your passport’s bio-data; It has to be in an A4 format.
  • Photocopy of booked airline ticket or travel itinerary; A4 format.
  • Passport-size picture of yourself; It must have been taken in the last three months, have a white background, and show you facing forward with a neutral expression. You are not permitted to have headgear unless it is for religious reasons. Even so, the headgear cannot obstruct the face.
  • Letter of Introduction; This document must be signed by your local contact or strategic partner and be attached to your application. It asks your contact/partner in Singapore to provide your personal information, the reason you want to visit Singapore, how long you will stay, as well as the relationship between you and them.
  • A credit card; You will use the card to pay for the Singapore VISA processing fee. The card must be a VISA or MasterCard.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination (If applicable); If you have been to the Countries on the table below six days before traveling to Singapore, you will need to show the ICA officers at the entry point that an International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever.

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See What Will Happen After You Have Entered Singapore

Singapore Tourist VISA Application

On arriving Singapore, you have to get your Short-term Visit pass.

When you reach the Singapore point of entry, you have to submit the following documents to the ICA officers so they may issue you a Singapore Short-Term Visit Pass:

  • Your short-term Singapore VISA.
  • A passport which is valid for at least another six months after the VISA expires.
  • Sufficient funds to cover the duration of your stay. There is no specific required amount, but on average, $100 per day is recommended. Typically, a credit card should suffice as proof.
  • Confirmed return booked ticket.
  • The completed Disembarkation/Embarkation card which can be obtained upon arrival.
  • If applicable: Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.
  • In some cases: The completed Singapore VISA application form.
  • The Immigration Officers at your point of entry into Singapore will review your case and decide whether you should be allowed to enter.

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Take note

If you want to stay in Singapore for longer than the time you were issued, then you should apply for a Singapore Short-Term Pass Extension.

The extension will allow you to stay for a maximum of 89 days, from the date you initially entered (not the date you are applying for the Pass Extension).

You can apply for a Visit Pass Extension online through ICS’s e-Service. If you are unable to apply online, you can apply at the ICA offices in Singapore.



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