Banking, IT, marketing most popular industries, shows survey

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A survey by job portal, and market research agency YouGov has revealed key trends among job seekers in the UAE.

The 2022 Top Industries in the MENA survey revealed that 58 per cent of the UAE’s residents are satisfied with their work culture, followed by working hours (57 per cent), and training and development (54 per cent).

The most popular industries

This year, many industries in the UAE are abounding with new career opportunities for professionals, with most job seekers interested in working in banking, finance and accounting (8 per cent); IT, internet and e-commerce (8 per cent); and advertising, marketing and public relations (7 per cent).

Moreover, 19 per cent believe that the government and civil service offer the best salary packages (inclusive of non-monetary benefits) after the oil, gas and petrochemicals sector (34 per cent). When asked about industries that will do well next year, IT, internet and e-commerce (28 per cent) are seen as the top industries expected to record the strongest growth, followed by tourism (22 per cent); and real estate, construction and property development (18 per cent).

A variety of insights from UAE respondents who are starting their careers revealed that IT, internet and e-commerce (20 per cent) hire the highest proportion of fresh graduates among other industries. The majority of respondents (71 per cent) also believe that the government is a favourable employer, with 56 per cent claiming that the government is an “extremely favorable” employer.

Attractive industries for women and local talent

Based on the survey, healthcare and medical services (26  per cent); hospitality, recreation and entertainment (20 per cent); and banking, finance and accounting (20 per cent) emerged as the industries that are most favoured by women in the UAE. Government and civil service (25 per cent); and military, defence and police (23 per cent) are the top sectors in terms of attracting the highest proportion of local talents.

Potential of changing sectors

Another major finding of the survey is that more than a quarter (26 per cent) of UAE respondents have changed their industry at least once in the past two years. For those who have changed industries, better salaries (33 per cent) and better opportunities for career growth (27 per cent) are the top two reasons.

Six in 10 professionals in the UAE (60 per cent) are considering an industry change in the next few months. Better salary (49 per cent) is the top reason, while better career growth follows at 46 per cent. Hospitality, recreation and entertainment (11 per cent) emerged as the most appealing sectors for those considering a change in the industry they work in.

Results of the survey were based on a sample of 2,510 respondents from countries across the region, including the UAE.

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