How To Apply For The Ukraine Student VISA

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Ukraine Student VISA

Most Foreign Students all over the World Immigrates to Ukraine to study.

But before you can enter Ukraine to study, you need to get the Ukraine Student VISA.

This article would guide you on how to successfully apply for this type of Ukraine VISA.

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Ukraine Student VISA

The Ukraine Student VISA is a long term (Type D) VISA, therefore it’s stay is considered as indefinite.

The following Countries do not need a VISA to enter Ukraine and stay for an indefinite period of time:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Moldova
  • Uzbekistan

Citizens of Georgia who are traveling directly from Georgia, are allowed to enter with just their ID.

While Citizens of Moldova and Uzbekistan, must be able to prove they have sufficient financial means to cover their stay.

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Required Documents For The Ukraine Student VISA

The following documents are required of you for application:

  1. The printed and signed Ukraine VISA Application Form.
  2. Your passport, which:
    • Is valid for at least three more months after you intend to leave Ukraine
    • Has at least two blank pages to affix the VISA on
    • Has been issued in the past ten years
  3. Two passport-size pictures of yourself, with the following specifications:
    • Dimensions: 35 mm x 45 mm
    • Taken in front of a white or off-white background
    • Taken recently (no older than six months)
    • You must be staring straight ahead at the camera
    • You must not have glasses or headgear on. Only head coverings for religious purposes are accepted, and only when they do not obstruct the face
    • The picture must be of high quality with no under-, or over-exposure, shadows, or glare
  4. Travel Health Insurance covering at least €30,000 for the entire duration of your stay.
  5. Proof of sufficient financial means to cover the duration of your stay, shown in one of the following ways:
    • Through Bank statements from the last two months
    • Through pay slips from the last three months
    • Through tax returns from the previous fiscal year
    • Through proof you receive a pension if you are retired
    • Through a letter of sponsorship, if someone else will cover your expenses
  6. Proof of accommodation in Ukraine.
  7. Return flight/travel ticket.
  8. Proof of paid Ukraine VISA fee.
  9. If you are not a citizen of the Country in which you’re living: Proof of legal residence there, such as your residence permit.
  10. The original Letter of Invitation to study, issued by the Ukrainian State Center for International Education.
  11. Letter of enrollment/invitation issued by the Ukrainian Educational Institution.

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Application Procedures

Ukraine Student VISA Application

To get your Ukraine Student VISA, you must follow these steps;

  1. Complete the online application form and print it: You must complete your registration online and print the slip out.
  • Register and complete the online application form. (You can do it here), make sure you provide your Nationality and purpose of travel, you’ll be directed on the Ukraine Embassy or Consulate that you will have to Lodge your VISA. Create an account on the online portal and fill the form. Make sure you print it out.
  1. Gather the required documents: The documents you need to gather are listed above.
  2. Pay the Ukraine VISA fee: Depending on the specific office in which you’re applying, you may have to pay in cash directly at the submission counter or pay through bank transfer beforehand. But however, the Ukraine Student VISA fee is $65
  3. Submit the application and documents at a Ukraine Embassy/Consulate or VISA application center: You have to submit your VISA at the Ukraine embassy/consulate in your Home Country.

Keep in mind: Before you apply for the Student VISA, you need to have an admission offer from your preferred School.

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Other Important Things To Note

  • You will have to get a residence permit on your arrival in Ukraine at the local office of the State Migration Services of Ukraine (SMS).
  • A Ukraine VISA takes about 10 days to process. If you choose a rush or expedited processing time, the VISA could be issued in 5 working days, but the fee will be higher. The processing time, depends on the Embassy or Consulate in which you apply.





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