How To Apply For The Switzerland Student VISA

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Switzerland Student VISA

If you fall under the category of Students all over the World, that would love to study in Switzerland, then we are glad to announce to you that you have landed on the right page.

The reason is because we would be talking about the procedures that are involved in applying for the Switzerland Student VISA.

So, ensure that you read to the end, for full details.

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Switzerland Student VISA

Conditions To Meet

There are some conditions you need to meet before you apply for the Switzerland Student VISA.

You need to get an admission offer from your preferred School, and the School must be an accredited school in Switzerland.

You must obtain an enrollment certificate from the School before you apply.

Check if your Country needs a VISA to enter into Switzerland, because some Countries are exempted from getting a VISA before they enter the Switzerland territory.

The following Countries are exempted from getting a Switzerland long stay VISA.

  • Schengen Countries.
  • Future Schengen member countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Romania).
  • Andorra
  • Brunei
  • Great Britain.
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • New Zealand.
  • San Marino.
  • Singapore
  • Vatican City.

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Required Documents For The Switzerland Student VISA

The following are the required documents for a Switzerland student VISA:

  1. The standard mandatory requirements for every Switzerland VISA application.
  2. Completed and signed application forms in either German, French, Italian, Spanish or English.
  3. A valid passport with at least 2 empty pages. It must be valid at least three months after your planned leave from Switzerland.
    • You must also have three copies of your passport’s relevant pages (pages 1-4, the last page, the issue, and expiry page, and copies of all previous VISAs.)
  4. Four recent pictures. Passport-size and biometric.
  5. Paid VISA application fee.
  6. Proof of sufficient funds (copies of bank statements or a letter from the bank). This can be provided by either you (the student) or your sponsor.
  7. Confirmation you have paid the course fees for your first year.
  8. Certificate of enrollment at your school.
  9. Your study plans.
  10. Copies of previous educational certificates and diplomas.
  11. Letter of motivation in one of the Switzerland official languages.
    • It must also include your plans for the future, such as professional development once you finish the course.

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Application Procedures

Switzerland Student VISA Application

When you have your certificate of enrollment in any accredited Educational Institution in Switzerland, you can then apply for the VISA.

You must remember to check if your Country needs a VISA to enter Switzerland or not.

However, you must;

  1. Make an appointment at your Country’s Switzerland representation (Embassy/Consulate).
  2. Download, fill in and sign the application form. (In some cases, you can find the application forms at the Switzerland representation where you apply.)
  3. Submit the documents in person at the Switzerland Embassy/Consulate.
  4. Pay the Switzerland student VISA fee.

Note: After you submit your Switzerland Student VISA application, the Switzerland representation in your Country will forward it to the competent cantonal migration office in Switzerland.

After the cantonal Immigration office authorizes your application, the Consulate General of Switzerland will give you the VISA.

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What Will Happen After I Get My Switzerland Student VISA?

When you’re issued your VISA, you can travel to Switzerland.

Within 14 days of arriving in Switzerland, you have to register your arrival at your local Residents Registration Office, and visit the cantonal migration office where you will be living in order to obtain your residence permit from.

The same applies to nationals from Countries that are exempted from applying for the Switzerland long-stay VISA.

You can access all the information about each canton’s migration office here

The type of Switzerland residence permit that you will need as a Student is a B permit.

It can take as long as eight weeks for you to receive your B permit. During that time, you will receive an attestation that lets you open a Switzerland Bank Account, but you cannot leave the Country.

Your B permit once received, will be in form of a Biometric Card.

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Other Important Things To Note

  • The Switzerland Student VISA or the B permit you receive, to be allowed to stay for your studies, is valid for one year. However, if your studies last longer than that, you have the option to extend it. After you graduate, you have the right to apply for a residency permit which allows you to look for a permanent job in Switzerland. This permit is only valid for six months and it cannot be extended.
  • You are only allowed to work fifteen hours a week in part-time jobs as a Student. You can work full-time during the holidays. But you can only start working after six months of living in Switzerland, and your employer has to obtain a work permit for you.



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