How To Apply For The Moldova Student VISA

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Moldova Student VISA

This article is a complete guide to the Moldova Student VISA application. It explains the Basic steps you need to take, in order to apply for the VISA, and also the required documents for the VISA.

International Students, who wishes to study in Moldova must apply for Moldova Student VISA.

The VISA is classified under the Moldova Long-term VISA, such that, you will be staying in Moldova for more than 90 days.

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Moldova Student VISA

There are some questions that applicants do love to ask, when they want to apply for the VISA. These questions have been repeating itself, as they are relevant and are frequently asked.

They are;

How Do I Know That I Am Eligible For The VISA?

Knowing your eligibility is very easy, as all you need to do, is to;

  • Get an admission offer from any accredited Educational Institutions in Moldova. Make sure you print the admission letter; it will be needed as part of the application documents.
  • Have enough financial fund to cover your stay in Moldova.
  • Have a valid passport, that has at least 6-month validity before your intended date of departure.

Note: If you don’t meet up with the aforementioned criteria, you will not be eligible for the Moldova Student VISA.

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What Are The Requirements For Moldova Student VISA?

Moldova Study VISA

This is another important question. There are several documents you will have to submit when applying for the VISA. They are;

  • The Moldova VISA Application Form
  • Your passport or other Travel document, which is issued in the last ten years, and valid for at least another three months past the date you will depart Moldova.
  • A recent colored picture with 35mm x 45mm dimensions
  • An invitation letter from the Bureau for Migration and Asylum
    • Or, alternatively, a VISA or Residence permit, issued by an EU Member state
  • Travel Health Insurance, covering at least €30,000 for the duration of your stay
  • Certificate of Police clearance
  • Proof you can financially fund your stay, yourself or through a Scholarship
  • Letter of confirmation/enrollment from the Moldova Educational Institution
  • Any other documents which are requested of you and which support your application.

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How Do I Apply For The VISA?

Moldova Student VISA Application

Unlike the Moldova Short-stay type C VISA, you will have to apply for the VISA at Moldova Embassy or Consulate in your Home Country, or any authorized VISA application center outscored by Moldova.

If there is no Embassy or Consulate, or an authorized VISA application center outscored by Moldova in your Home Country, then you will have to find the nearest Moldova Diplomatic Mission (Embassy or Consulate) in your neighboring Country.

Contact the Embassy or Consulate, and make an appointment with them, if possible, you can inquire about their operation hours, and the documents you will have to submit.

After you’ve made the appointment, gather your documents (you can see the list above) and submit them on the day you are required to submit.

Pay your VISA fee, and wait for the VISA to be Processed.

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What Will Happen, After I’ve Gotten The Moldova Student VISA?

Student VISA for Moldova

When you get the Moldova Student VISA, you can travel to the Country. On arrival you will have to apply for Moldova Residence Permit.

Apply for the Residence Permit, from the Bureau for Migration and Asylum of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

To apply for a residence permit, you must have the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your passport and long-stay VISA
  • Three passport-size pictures, 5×6 mm
  • Original medical certificate
  • Proof of having paid the fee
  • Proof of housing in Moldova
  • Acceptance into a Moldova Educational Institution
  • Any other Documents you may be requested to submit.


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