How To Apply For The Israel Student VISA

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Israel Student VISA

If you are interested in studying in any accredited Educational Institutions in Israel, this article will guide you on the steps you need to follow, for a successful application.

In order to ensure that you successfully pursue an Academic Career in Israel, you would need to equip yourself with the Israel Student VISA.

It could also be referred to as the Israeli A/2 Student VISA, and this page will provide you with all the Information you need.

The Israeli A/2 student VISA is a permit for Students, who have been admitted in one of the accredited educational Institutions in Israel.

It can be renewed, but you cannot work with an Israeli A/2 student VISA.

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Israel Student VISA

Before You Apply, Take Note Of The following
  • You will not be eligible to apply for an A/2 Student VISA for Israel, if you have Israeli Parents.
  • Everyone admitted at an Educational Institution in Israel that has the required documents to prove it to the Israeli Embassy in their Country of residence, can apply for an Israeli Student VISA. This includes those admitted in elementary and high schools, academic institutions, yeshivot and youth institutions of the Jewish Agency.

Required Documents

These documents are very important in the application process.

Documents that are essential to this application, have been outlined below;

  • Student VISA Application Form; The form differs, depending on the VISA you are applying for. Make sure you download and complete the right one.
  • Two passport-style photographs with a white background and be in size 5.5 cm X 5.5.
  • Your valid passport; The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay in the Israel territory and with at least one blank page to affix the VISA.
  • Older passports. You must submit all passports that you hold, including current/old/cancelled/expired/special passport.
  • Proof of Flight Booking. You do not need to purchase the tickets as if your application is rejected, you will lose your money. You just need a saved seat on a flight to Israel as a proof of the date you intend to travel here.
  • Your birth certificates.
  • Proof of paid A2 VISA fee.
  • A letter of approval by the Institution where you are going to study. The letter should indicate your name, passport number, and the duration of your study.
  • Evidence of source of financial support. The Israeli Authorities want you to have how you are planning to support yourself financially, while in Israel. The following are acceptable:
  • Personal Bank statements for the last 3 months. Statements downloaded from the internet are not valid.
  • Proof of scholarship, if you will be studying on a scholarship.
  • Proof of Accommodation. A document that shows where you will be staying while you study in Israel, i.e. a dormitory acceptance letter.
  • Other educational documents.
  • If you are under 18 years of age:
  • Birth certificate notarized with apostille stamp.
  • Parental Consent to Granting a VISA to Israel. Both parents (or legal guardians) must sign the form in the presence of a notary or consular representative.

Note: Your documents should not be fake as it will only disqualify you.

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When Can I Apply For The Israel Student VISA?

Israel Student VISA Application

The best time to Lodge your application is 2 to 3 months before your intended time of travel.

However, you can find out from the Israeli’s Consulate/Embassy in your Home Country, the best time to Lodge your application.

Where Can I Apply For The Israeli Student VISA, And Where Should I Lodge It?

After gathering your documents, you have to download the Israeli’s Student VISA application form online, fill it correctly; your name, Parent’s name(full), purpose of travel etc.

The form is available in two languages: English and Hebrew.

You can complete it in either language. You can complete the form with your computer and then print it, or with a pen of any other color than black. If you are applying at a third-party VISA processing center you are highly recommended to complete it with a computer, as some of these centers do not accept handwritten applications.

You are to Lodge your Application form at the Israeli’s Consulate or Embassy in your Home Country. Submit alongside all the documents.

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The Israel Student VISA fee is €41 for every applicant.

If you file your application at a VISA-processing center, you will have to pay an additional service fee, which cannot be higher than the price of the VISA itself.

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Other Important Things To Note

  1. A Student VISA for Israel is valid for one year. Before the expiration of your VISA, you can apply for a VISA extension for another year. You can extend or renew your VISA as long as you are enrolled in an Educational Institution in Israel.
  2. You should submit your VISA renewal/extension application at the Ministry of the Interior (Misrad Hapanim), located at Government building.You need to include the following documents in your application file:
    • An official letter from the Education Institution you attend, stating that you are a student.
    • VISA extension forms.
    • Your passport with the current student VISA sticker on it.
    • Two passport-sized pictures.
    • Paid fee receipt.




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