How To Apply For The Iceland Student VISA

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Iceland Student VISA

The Iceland Student VISA permits its holder to reside in the Country and study in any public or private accredited Universities.

Since Iceland is a Schengen Country, you must apply for the Schengen study VISA in order to enter into Iceland.

There, you’ll get a student residence permit on arrival.

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Iceland Student VISA

Application Procedures

In order to apply for the Iceland Student VISA, you have to follow the steps below;

  1. Secure an Admission: You must first of all accept an Admission offer from you preferred School before you apply. Get an admission letter from them.
  2. Check if you need a VISA to enter into the Schengen territory: There are Countries that are exempted from getting a VISA before they enter into the Schengen territory. Thus, you have to check if your country needs a VISA.
  3. Download the Schengen Application Form: Make sure you fill the application form with accurate information after downloading it.
  4. Collect the required documents: Compile and submit the following Documents alongside the Application Form:
  • Letter of admission you received from your chosen institution which should contain your resumption and graduation date and also the amount of tuition fees you are required to pay.
  • If you are given a scholarship, you must provide the letter of sponsorship from the body that awarded the scholarship to you.
  • Your international passport which should have a validation of 6 months at least.
  • Two passport photographs. Your photograph dimensions should be of 35 x 45 mm standard size. Iceland VISA photograph requirements also include that the background is white and it has good face coverage.
  • Your international passport and National ID card photocopies (if you have).
  • Proof of reserved traveling flight tickets, bearing airline and travel date. Embassies wouldn’t be responsible for loss of money if your VISA application is refused or canceled. Therefore, you should not book actual traveling tickets before applying for the student VISA.
  • Medical insurance proof. During your study, there is always a chance that you can get injured or sick. That is why; the medical insurance is given so much importance during the VISA application process to Iceland. When you opt for a medical insurance policy for VISA, make sure that it is valid in all the Schengen countries and it covers up to 30,000 EUR.
  • Proof of hotel reservations and accommodation. You should make arrangements for your arrival in Iceland. The embassy needs to see that you have an arrangement in place. So, you can either stay at a hotel or stay at your relative/friend’s place for the meantime (if you have any) before you find accommodation. Also, your institution may have arranged an accommodation for you. If would stay at a friend’s or relative’s place, you should submit an invitation letter from them, along with sponsorship proof. If not, a hotel accommodation is fine.
  • Proof of subsistence, bank statements from past three months with a signature and seal from the same bank.
  • Cover Letter. You also need to write a cover letter explaining your itinerary and purpose of study.
  • Police clearance, showing that you are a law-abiding Nigerian citizen.
  • Previous certificates and/or transcript from previously attended institutions.
  1. Check where and when to apply: The best time to apply is 6 months before your intended trip or immediately you receive your admission letter from your preferred school. You should Lodge your application form at the Iceland Embassy or consulate or authorized VISA processing center for Iceland in your Home Country.
  2. Book an Appointment: In some Countries you can book the appointment online, most Country you can book on person, but however, the appointment is mandatory.
  3. Attend VISA interview: Appear early for the VISA interview, the VISA official will only ask you questions about the VISA and your personal information.
  4. Pay VISA fee
  5. Wait for your VISA: The VISA might take 12 to 15 working days to be processed. It depends on the Embassy or Consulate.

What Happens On Arrival

On reaching Iceland you will have to apply for the student residence permit.

You must get the following documents to apply:

  • University Admission Certificate or University acceptance letter.
  • If the applicant intends to work as a student:
    • Application for work permit.
    • Employment agreement.


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