NOUN 2020_1 Semester Examination Guidelines

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National Open University of Nigeria

The NOUN 2020_1 Semester Examination has been scheduled to commence on the 14th of September, 2020. And on this page, we would provide you with the complete guidelines that should be followed, during the Examinations.

Kindly recall that the guidelines for the conduct of Examinations, as approved by the Senate.

And in a bid to protect Public Health, by justifiably keeping to strict guidance of the Authorities, the Examination Guidelines that has been approved, have been outlined below.

It is essential to work towards implementing these Examination guidelines, in view of the unique challenges and responsibilities, occasioned by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

So, Students and Staff alike, are instructed to make deliberate efforts, to adhere strictly to the follow;

NOUN 2020_1 Semester Examination Guidelines

  1. Students would be required to wear a face mask, observe social distancing, and sanitize their hands, in addition to other necessary protocols.
  2. Also take note of the sitting areas that has been designated for Students, who are awaiting the screening procedures. The said “sitting areas” has been furnished to promote the “social distancing instructions”, as well as “occupancy limits”. So, refrain from moving your sit or furniture, from the assigned placement, to avoid breaking the rules of the Examination Guidelines.
  3. Only Students that have been screened and cleared, would be given access to the Examination Hall.
  4. You would be required to provide the following for citing, during the screening procedures;
  • A copy of the signed E-Clearance form.
  • Also provide a valid means of identification, which should include either of the following;
  1. Driver’s License
  2. International Passport
  3. National ID Card
  1. Ensure that you arrive at the Examination Hall, thirty (30) minutes to the time that was set to commence the Exams, as the initial 30 minutes Grace period, has been withdrawn.
  2. And in addition to the above point, Students should note that lateness would not be tolerated.
  3. Students would also be required to sit for the Examination at the Study Centre that has been reflected on their Portal. So, if you are yet to register at the Study Centre, note that you would not be permitted to sit for the said Exams.
  4. Do not forget the University’s Policy on Examination Malpractice, as defaulters would be punished accordingly.

Other Things To Note

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Medical Staff or Personnel on duty, would be accommodated at all the Study Centers of the University. However, they would be required to show evidence of their Outpost Humanitarian Mission.

Visiting Students would also be restricted to the Military and Paramilitary Officers on Duty.

In the first point that was discussed in this section, the University talked about accommodating Medical Staff and Personnel. And to achieve this, the following must be implemented;

  • There should be no abuse. Such that Mega Study Centers (containing 5, 000 Students and above) would be allowed a maximum number of 50 additions, for the POP (Pen On Paper) and E-Exams.
  • Whereas, those below the number of the Mega Study Centers, would not accommodate more than ten (10) additions.
  • Community Study Centers would not be permitted to add any candidate as Visiting Students. But if there is an issue of Communal Crises, then it may be considered.

Visiting Students must be cleared by their original Study Centers, and the E-clearance Form is proof that they are qualified to participate in the Exams.

Any Student that is not on the List of the Center, as released by DMIS, should be turned back to their original Study Centers.

What this means, is that all Study Centers would inform their Students of these guidelines and procedures, before the commencement of the NOUN 2020_1 Semester Examination, as Portal reversal or wrong Study Center listing of Students, would not be paid attention to.

Host Study Center Directors, for the marking of the Examination Scripts for the NOUN 2020_1 Semester Examination in the following locations;

  • Uyo
  • Enugu
  • Abuja
  • Kaduna

Are expected to reject all scripts that have not been captured in the SSS System.

Also, Subject Officers and Marking Coordinators, would not allocate scripts that have not be captured, to the markers.

It would be wise to stay away from Examination Malpractice (just as earlier mentioned), as you would be punished accordingly.

Hand Sanitizers should be provided at the Entrance of the Examination Compound. And all Students, Staff and Visitors, should be made to observe the NCDC guidelines, as a condition for gaining access to the Examination Venues.

Nursing Mothers may be allowed to take the Examination, provided that their Children do not disturb or distract others. The discretion of Study Center Directors, would be essential in this situation.

If you are a Staff, and also a candidate of the NOUN 2020_1 Semester Examination, then you would not be allowed to participate in the meetings and preparations of the Examinations, since you are a candidate.

If as a Study Center Director, you may be unable to conduct the Exams in person, then indicate in writing to the DLSS. The School Management would appoint an Examiner for the Center, for the conduct of the NOUN 2020_1 Semester Examination.

The implication of this move, is that the appointed Examiner, would conduct the entire Exams, and submit the Scripts in person, to the marking venue.

Also Check out the Examination Timetable for the NOUN 2020_1 Semester Examination



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