NOUN 2020_1 POP Final Timetable [PDF Download]

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National Open University of Nigeria

The NOUN 2020_1 POP Final Timetable for Exit levels (NOUN Students) is out, and officially available on this platform.

If you are yet to access this material, then make use of the download link below to get a copy of the Examination timetable, and engage in an effective preparation towards the Exams.

NOUN 2020_1 POP Final Timetable

The Physical Examination would commence on the 14th of September 2020, and just as earlier mentioned; Students that are yet to take the recently concluded virtual on-demand Exams, should make use of the download link below, and get a copy of this timetable.

Once the Examination process has started, no Student would be allowed into the Exams Hall. So, ensure that you arrive early, to avoid missing out.

Also note that no further changes would be made to the NOUN 2020_1 POP Final Timetable.

Before we provide you with the download link to this Pdf file (Pen on Paper Timetable), we would love you to go through the information below;

Things To Note

  • The Examination Oath Collection will begin on the 10th of September, 2020.
  • The E-Exam Timetable for 100 and 200 level Students, would soon be available on this platform.
  • NOUN Management has cancelled the usual thirty (30) minutes Grace for latecomers (during the Exams).
  • And in response to the above point, candidates would be required to arrive thirty minutes before the examination time.
  • Visiting Students should note their limits, as they would be restricted to the Military and Paramilitary Staff. They would also be required to show evidence of Posting.
  • Do well to verify your eligibility with your subject officers, if you registered, but did not take the Virtual Examination.
  • Getting close to your individual portal is a good idea.
  • Offices would be open from September 9, 2020.
  • If you did not see your complete results, during the last 2020_1st Semester Virtual Examination, then you are advised to retake the Exams.

CLICK HERE to download the NOUN 2020_1 POP Final Timetable

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