The List Of All Federal Colleges Of Education In Nigeria

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Federal Colleges of Education in Nigeria

This article contains the official comprehensive list of Approved Federal Colleges of Education in Nigeria, as approved by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).

There are 22 Federal Colleges of Education in Nigeria.

Federal Colleges Of Education In Nigeria

1Federal College of Education (Technical), AsabaAsaba, Delta State.
2Federal College of Education, KanoKano City, Kano State.
3Federal College of Education (Special), OyoOyo, Oyo State.
4Federal College of Education, AbeokutaAbeokuta, Ogun State
5Federal College of Education, Eha-AmufuEha Amufu, Enugu State.
6Federal College of Education (Technical), GombeGombe, Gombe State.
7Federal College of Education, KontagoraKontagora, Niger State.
8Federal College of Education, OkeneOkene, Kogi State.
9Federal College of Education (Technical), OmokuOMoku, Rivers State.
10Federal College of Education (Tech), PotiskumPotiskum, Yobe State
11Alvan Ikoku College of Education, OwerriOwerri, Imo State.
12Federal College of Education (Technical), AkokaAkoka, Lagos State.
13Federal College of Education (Technical), BichiBichi, Kano State
14Federal College of Education (Technical), GusauGusau, Zamfara State.
15Federal College of Education, KatsinaKatsina, Katsina State.
16Federal College of Education, ObuduObudu, Cross River State.
17Adeyemi College of Education, OndoOndo, Ondo State.
18Federal College of Education, PankshinPankshin, Plateau State.
19Federal College of Education, YolaYola, Adamawa State.
20Federal College of Education, Zaria10.Zaria, Kaduna State.
21Nigerian Army School of Education (NASE), IlorinIlorin, Kwara State.
22Federal College of Education (T), UmunzeUmunze


  • The list above is an approved list by NCCE.
  • The list is compiled for in a tabular form for easy preview.
  • The above list is subject to periodic change.

It is our hope that the above will also serve as a guide to parents/guardians seeking admission for their children/wards.

In conclusion, those seeking admission should go through the list in detail, and do other necessary research about the requirements of the desired Federal College of Education College of Education.

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