Nile University of Nigeria International Scholarship Awards

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Nile University International Scholarship Awards

International and domestic students have a chance this season at a wonderful academic opportunity, as the Nile University of Nigeria is now offering its International awards, to students across the Globe.

The study program is available to both National and International students and applicants must complete their  studies within the stipulated period allowed.

About The Awarding Institution

Nile University of Nigeria is a Private University located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. The University was established in 2009 to provide high quality tertiary education for the country’s ever-increasing number of secondary school leavers.

At the time of Institution, the University had three faculties (Arts & Social Sciences, Engineering, and Natural & Applied Sciences) and 93 students.

As the University grew and thrived over the following years, the need to provide its high quality instruction at a higher level became increasingly apparent.

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Why You Should Study At The Nile University Of Nigeria

As a leading University, they are dedicated to providing their students with the best academic, social and personal experience. They have committed to invest in both their innovative approach to education and in their facilities.

Nile University International Scholarship Awards

Awarding University: Nile University of Nigeria

Course Level of Study: Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD degree

Award: 100% Tuition fee

Access Mode: Online (Application process is carried out online)

Required Nationality: Domestic and International students

Deadline for the Application: Ongoing

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What Determines Eligibility?

Nile University of Nigeria

Candidates from the Home Country and from all across the globe are eligible to apply for this program.

Acceptable Course of Study: The sponsorship is available to candidates seeking to study in any Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD degree offered by the University.

In order to be deemed eligible for a grant, the applicant will need to fulfill the following criteria according to their preferred degree:

For Undergraduate to Postgraduate studies:

NUN first class graduates get a 100% discount, second class upper graduates get a 50% discount, second class lower graduates get a 30% discount.

NUN staff with 3 years’ experience get 80% discount.

NTIC graduates get a 30 % discount.

First-class graduates from other institutions get a 50% discount.

NUN graduates from PGD to MSc and from MSc to MPhil get %10 discount.

3 to 5 individuals from the same corporate organization get a discount of 10% for each person, 6 people and above get a discount of 20% for each person and 11 people and above get a discount of 30% for each person.

The Board of trustees and management of the NUN have agreed, that all Academicians who wish to apply for the 100% Scholarship, are to bring a reference letter from their Dean and HOD to the Board of Trustees for approval.

They shall work for NUN for 2 years after graduation. The NUN first class graduates do not have this obligation.

Non-Academicians “who have worked here for 3 years” are entitled to apply for an 80% discount scholarship as well. They shall work for NUN for 2 years after graduation in their promoted position.

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For PhD:

NUN graduates (PGD, Undergraduate and master’s) get 30% discount.

NUN Staff (Academic and non-academic) gets 50% discount.

NTIC graduates get a 30% discount.

The board of trustees can give up to 100% discount.

Staff working in the institution under First Surat Group get 50% discount.

How To Apply For The Nile University International Scholarship Awards

To gain access to the application process, Applicants need to enroll for an admission into the university. After receiving the admission, all students must have to apply online here.

Required Documents: Each candidate are expected to should summit a completed and signed Application Form, Copy of Official Senior Secondary School Transcript, Copy of Official Senior Secondary School Certificate, Copies of Official Examination Results, Guarantor’s Letter/attestation of Financial Support, Medical Report & Immunization records, Letter of Recommendation from Secondary School Counsel/Principal, 4 Recent Passport Photograph documents to admission office.

For candidates, whose first language is not English Language will need to show proficient English language skills that will enable them to succeed in their studies.

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Benefits Of The Award

The amount of scholarships due to JAMB and WASSCE results is as announced by the Board of Trustee of the Nile University of Nigeria NUN.

The selected students can get a scholarship according to their Jamb and WAEC results in 2019/2020 academic session as follows:

  • For Medicine and Law, a JAMB score of 260 attracts a 10% discount, 270 attracts a 20% discount, and 280 attracts a 30% discount and so forth. No discount for WAEC results.
  • For other Departments, a JAMB score of 230 attracts a 10% discount, 240 score attracts 20% discount, and 250 score attracts 30% discount and so forth.
  • For other departments excluding law and medicine, WASSCE/WAEC grades of 4 A’s attracts 10% discount, 5 A’s attracts 20%, 6 A’s attracts 30% and so forth.
  • Students with 4 A’s and above in WASSCE together with a JAMB score of 300 and above will get a 100% scholarship.



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