International Excellence Scholarship At The University Of Waikato

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International Excellence Scholarship At The University Of Waikato

Great News!!! The University of Waikato is now accepting applications for the International Excellence Scholarship.

These opportunities are open to the students who are enrolling for the first time into Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programs at the University of Waikato, with a whooping value of NZD $ 10,000.

The support will be awarded to successful applicants of any Country, who demonstrate excellent academic achievement, and the ability to become a Global Ambassador for the university.

About The Awarding Institution

The University of Waikato, informally Waikato University, is a comprehensive University in Hamilton, New Zealand, with a Satellite Campus located in Tauranga. It is a consistent climber in the most prestigious International rankings.

Why You Should Study At Waikato

This University is committed to providing a world-class education and research portfolio, providing a complete and dynamic University experience, specialized in character, and strong International links for advance knowledge.

Waikato University ensures that its students are equipped with the best guidance that they can get, so they can go into the World to enact positive change in their chosen fields of interest.

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International Excellence Scholarship 

Awarding University: The University of Waikato

Course Level of Study: The grant is open to pursuing an Undergraduate Or Postgraduate Degree Program.

Award: NZD $ 10,000

Access Mode: Online (Application process is carried out online)

Required Nationality:

North America: USA, Canada Latin America: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Chile

Europe: Germany, UK, France, Norway East Asia: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan

South Asia: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan

South East Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Middle East: Jordan, Iran

Africa: Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius

Deadline for the Application: Applications for 2020 can be submitted at any time

Required Language: English

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What Determines Eligibility?

University Of Waikato

Applicants from the listed Nationalities, are eligible to apply.

Eligible Course of Study: The Award is available for candidates interested to take on any subject offered by the University.

In order to be deemed eligible, the applicants must meet the following criteria:

The candidate must be a citizen of, or currently studying in one of the Countries listed above.

The intending candidate must not currently be enrolled at the University of Waikato (including the Certificate of Attainment in Academic English, the Certificate of Attainment in Foundation Studies, the International Diploma of Business or Science or any other pre-degree pathway programme).

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The intending candidate must not have paid fees at the time of application.

The interested candidate should be applying to enroll for the first time, in either an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree at the University of Waikato;

The Candidate must not be classified as a Domestic Student.

The interested candidate must have met the University of Waikato’s English language requirements for admission, or have an offer for the Certificate of Attainment in Academic English at the University of Waikato, prior to beginning any studies through UOW.

The candidate must have received a conditional or unconditional offer of place from the University of Waikato.

Candidates in the year of tenure, be commencing a full-time programme(s) of study, with a total duration of at least 12 months at the University of Waikato.

Candidates residing in New Zealand for the tenure of the program, may only study a maximum of 50% of their course online (if this option is available).

The interested candidates must not be coming to the University of Waikato via a sponsoring body.

The interested candidate must not be coming to the University of Waikato on a Guaranteed Credit Arrangement, or through a study abroad or student exchange agreement.

The candidate must have a minimum GPA-equivalency of B+.

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How You Can Apply

In order to apply, the applicants must submit an online application through the link HERE.

Required Documents: As part of the application, the applicants must submit all the following required documents: their Conditional or Formal Offer of Place from the University of Waikato; and a personal statement that sets out the following (on the template provided): What are your career goals/aspirations?, How will an international education experience help you to achieve these goals?, What additional qualities/skills do you have that make you an ideal candidate for this application, and an ambassador for the University of Waikato?

To qualify for application, the applicants must be applying to enroll for the first time in either an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree at the University of Waikato.

Language Requirement: English

Benefits Of The Award

The selected candidates will receive support that will have a value up to NZD$10,000, and will be applied directly to the recipient’s tuition fees for their chosen programme/s of study once their enrolment is completed.



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