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Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship

GREAT NEWS!!! for Athletic Scholarship applicants seeking to School Abroad.

There is an opportunity in Australia, as The University of Western Australia is presently accepting applications, from skilled student athletes, for the Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship, to achieve their Degree in Australia.

This Scholarship program is available to high-performing competitors, mentors and officials around the Globe, who need to pursue an Undergraduate, or a Postgraduate study at the University.

The University of Western Australia is an open research University, and furthermore perceived as the 6th most seasoned University in Australia.

It offers an Undergraduate Degree Program, a Postgraduate Qualification Program, and also Doctoral-Level Projects.

Why study at the University of Western Australia?

The University utilizes a remarkable learning style that spurs one to be inventive, imaginative and think autonomously. It has a sheltered learning with conducive living conditions, also maintaining strict code of conduct for their understudies.

The deadline for this application is slated for June 1, 2020

What The Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship Entails

  • Admission into The University of Western Australia
  • Undergraduate and Post graduate level of study
  • An Award of up to AUD$45,000
  • Available to International students
  • Can be accessed online
  • Award can be taken in the home country, Australia

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Who Can Apply For This Scholarship Award?

  • Students from all parts of the world.
  • Students seeking to study for an Undergraduate Degree, or a Postgraduate Degree, in any course offered by the University.
  • Candidates who are embarking on a new course of study in 2020 for the first time.
  • Applicants who have received an offer to study for an Undergraduate or Postgraduate course at The University of Western Australia.
  • Candidates applying to study in a CRICOS registered Undergraduate Degree Program.
  • Candidates competing at a First-class level in their chosen sport (worldwide or national).

Athletic Requirements For The Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship

  1. Competitors are required to enlist and play for the UWA-affiliated club of the candidate’s chosen field, in which the program was granted, and on the condition that the UWA club competes in the most noteworthy domestic league.
  2. Coaches are required to enlist and officiate, inside the UWA-partnered club of the student’s chosen field, in which the program was granted.
  • Sports authorities are required to enroll and direct inside the WA State Sporting League of the Student’s chosen field.
  1. Be accessible, where practicable, to speak to/mentor/administer for the University, in University National and International Occasions.
  2. Meet tier 3 or above of UWA Student Athlete Program (SADP) categorization—
  3. National underage team member. For instance, Youth Olympic team member.
  4. WA Institute of Sport (WAIS) (or similar institute) squad member/grant holder.
  5. National League team player/professional club player squad member, i.e. West Coast Fever player;

World University Championships, or World University Games team member, or be an accredited and qualified coach, or sports official to a National program/league/institute level or higher, for example – youth national team coach, state or national institute coach, national league/championship official/coach.

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Eligible Undergraduates

University of Western Australia Scholarship

To qualify, or to be considered for the program, the applicant must apply for an eligible Undergraduate Degree, or a Direct Pathway course.

The following are not included in the program:

  • Master of Pharmacy
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Juris Doctor
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

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Postgraduate Eligibility

To be considered for the program, the applicant must apply for an eligible Postgraduate Degree (by course research work).

The following are not included in the program:

  • Juris Doctor
  • Graduate Certificate in Fieldwork Practice
  • Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Master of Pharmacy
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • Graduate Certificate in Autism Diagnosis
  • Graduate Certificate in the Diagnosis and Assessment of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
  • Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Master of Clinical Audiology
  • Doctor of Podiatric Surgery
  • Doctor of Clinical Dentistry
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine

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How You Can Apply For The Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship

  1. Interested applicants will be requested for an admission, for an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree program at the university. Thereafter applicants can apply for the Award
  2. Documents that are required of the applicants will be requested for, during the application process, however no documents are required to apply.
  3. Applicants seeking admission are required to hold certificates from previous Degrees, with satisfactory academic grades.
  4. Showing proficiency in English language by taking the TOEFL or IELTS test, which is an integral requirement, if the applicant is from a Non-English-speaking Country.

What Are The Benefits Of This Award

The University of Western Australia will give a grant sum up to AUD$45,000 for Undergraduate studies, or AUD$30,000 for Postgraduate programme, to help with the Educational costs.



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