The National Teachers Institute Past Questions And Answers

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NTI Past Questions

On this page, we are going to be talking about the importance of the NTI Past Questions e-book, how you can secure a copy for yourself, and how its content can help you achieve your dreams this year.

And if as an applicant, or candidate that is interested in getting enrolled or recruited into this Institution, you are yet to lay your hands on this e-book, then this article has been specially published for you.

Do well to read to the end, and also follow the detailed instructions that has been provided, as it would be very helpful and beneficial to you.

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NTI Past Questions

There are several reasons why you would need to equip yourself with the NTI Past Questions. And there are also different categories of candidates that would need this study material.

Note that falling under the categories below, doesn’t change the compulsory nature of this e-book;

  • Candidates that would love to get enrolled under this Institution
  • Applicants that want to participate in the screening exercise of the National Teachers Institute.

If you fall under any of these categories, be rest assured that the NTI Past Questions e-book has got you covered.

One of the major reasons, why we would recommend this e-book to every applicant, is because this Institution repeats more than 70% of her screening questions, whenever they engage in screening exercises.

Well, it should not surprise you to note that all the past test screening questions and answers of this Institution, have been successfully compiled inside the NTI Past Questions e-book.

The simple implication of this information, is that only applicants that would download and study this e-book, would be able to access the exact screening questions that would be used this year.

In other words, the knowledge that is contained in this e-book, would give you a boost and a serious advantage, before you sit for the actual screening exams.

At this point, we are confident that you fully understand the importance of this study material, that is why we would proceed to the download procedures, in the next section of this article.

Ensure that you read through, and act according to the instructions below, as it would give you access to the NTI Past Questions e-book.

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Download Procedures

Having complete access to this e-book is quite simple, as all you need to do, is to make a payment of two thousand (2, 000) naira only, using the Bank information that has been provided below;

GT Bank

Account Name: Ezurike Chukwubuikem F.

Account Number: 0449709699

We would highly recommend that you contact us first, before you process the payment that has been attached to the NTI Past Questions e-book.

Our contact details have been provided below for this purpose;

Phone Number: 09046624439

Also, some details would be required from you, after you have completed the payment for this e-book. And these details or information, would help us deliver the NTI Past Questions e-book to you.

Read through the information in the next section of this article.

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Details To Provide After Payment

Shortly after the payment for the NTI Past Questions e-book have been completed, applicants that participated in the payment exercise, would be required to provide us with the following;

  • Your full name
  • Details of the Bank that was used to make the payment
  • A valid email address
  • The name of the past questions e-book you paid for

In less than ten minutes, after these details have been delivered to us, and your payment has been confirmed, a copy of this e-book would be delivered to you.

To enhance communication, we have provided you with a whatsapp chat icon. Click on it to reach us on whatsapp, or give us a call, using the phone number that has been provided.

You can also reach us via the comment section.


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