UNIMAID Pre-degree Past Questions And Answers

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UNIMAID Pre-degree Past Questions

Going through the content of this article, will actually open your eyes to a lot of things that you didn’t know about the University of Maiduguri Pre-degree Screening exercise.

And one of the plain truths is that; participating in the UNIMAID Pre-degree Screening exercise for this year, without studying the UNIMAID Pre-degree Past Questions, would do you a lot of harm.

The screening exams of this Institution, especially for Pre-degree applicants, does not come easy, and the only way you can maneuver this difficulty, is to equip yourself with the right resources and study packs.

Since the UNIMAID Pre-degree Past Questions has been introduced already, just read to the end, to find out how to download it, as well as have access to the importance of this e-book.

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UNMAID Pre-degree Past Questions

Earlier in this article, we established a fact about the difficulty that is usually faced during the Pre-degree screening tests and exams, of the University of Maiduguri.

Only if candidates, who had participated in the previous screening exercises of UNIMAID (Pre-degree), had access to this information, the response would have been different.

The reason for this is that close to 80% of these screening questions are usually repeated, as they are gotten from past Pre-degree Screening exercise.

These questions, accompanied by accurate answers, have been successfully compiled into the UNIMAID Pre-degree Past Questions e-book, and as such, candidates who would have access to this e-book, would have a lot of advantage.

The next section of this article, would reveal instructions, on how you can download this e-book. But first off, I would love to remind you that you would be required to pay for this e-book.

The complete compilation of the University of Maiduguri Pre-degree Past Questions consumed a lot of resources, time, and so much more.

So, the required payment would actually serve as a means of appreciating our team, for making this e-book a reality.

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How To Download The UNIMAID Pre-degree Past Questions

I have been dealing with Past Question e-books for a few years now, and I can tell you that this e-book is the only thing you need to study, in preparation for the forthcoming screening exams.

Just as we have mentioned earlier, you would be required to pay for this particular e-book, and the payment transaction details have been outlined below;

Price: 2000 NGN

GT Bank

Account Name: Ezurike Chukwubuikem F.

Account Number: 0449709699

Our communication line @09046624439 is also open and available for your calls. You can also reach us via whatsapp, as we will always be available to attend to your needs.

After making the payment, what next?

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What To Do After Making Payment

University of Maiduguri

Since you have successfully made this payment, you will then be required to send us a text message, which should contain the following details;

  • Your Full Name
  • Details of the Account you used to process the payment transaction
  • Your email address
  • The name of the past questions e-book you paid for.

This platform has access to over 700 past questions e-book, so it is important that you remain specific, on the name of the past questions e-book you need.

Also note that your order (the delivery of your past questions e-book), will be processed within fifteen minutes, after your payment has been successfully confirmed.

Lastly and most importantly, if you are faced with any sort of difficulty, especially in the application procedures, involved in the Pre-degree Program of the University of Maiduguri, then it is important that you reach us via the comment section, as we will see to it, that you get all the assistance that you need.



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