EKSU Pre-degree Past Questions And Answers

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EKSU Pre-degree Past Questions

So, the forthcoming Pre-degree screening exercise of Ekiti State University, has been trending online for a while now, as thousands of candidates are looking for solutions, as to how they can maneuver the tough screening questions.

One would naturally say; “I put it to you that if you study hard, the screening questions would come easy for you”.

But the big question here is; “what should you study?”

I believe, this is the sole essence of this article, as you will be informed on the relevance of the EKSU Pre-degree Past Questions and Answers.

This is the most important tool in the preparation of the ESKU Pre-degree Screening exams, if not the only study pack that you need.

A lot, will be discussed in this article. And trust me, it will be to your benefit. So, ensure that you read to the end for full details on how to download the Ekiti State University Pre-degree Past Questions.

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EKSU Pre-degree Past Questions

You might have heard us say that this could be the only material to be studied, in preparation for the forthcoming Pre-degree Screening exercise of Ekiti State University.

The reason for this strong statement, is that over 70% of these screening questions are usually repeated. And in this year’s ESKU Pre-degree screening exercise, we believe that a lot of these questions would be repeated as well.

The good news here is that; all the previous years of Pre-degree screening tests and exams, organized by Ekiti State University, has been compiled inside the EKSU Pre-degree Past Questions.

So, it can be said that candidates, who would successfully download and study this e-book, will have an 80% chance of undeniable success, during the EKSU Pre-degree Screening exams.

To download this e-book, see full details below.

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Downloading The Ekiti State University Pre-degree Past Questions

If you are among the extremely serious candidates, that would want to wield this e-book, then it is important that you follow the step by step guide, involved in the download procedures of this e-book.

First off, you will be required to make a payment of two thousand (2, 000) naira only, using the payment details that has been disclosed below;

GT Bank

Account Name: Ezurike Chukwubuikem F.

Account Number: 0449709699

Either you contact us by giving us a phone call, or you reach us with ease on whatsapp. Whichever platform feels extremely comfortable for you, just make sure that you contact us on 09046624439, before and after the payment transaction, to avoid making mistakes.

After you have successfully made the payment, your transaction details will then be required, as this would help us deliver the EKSU Pre-degree Past Questions e-book, successfully.

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After Making Payment

Ekiti State University

The last set of information that will be required from you, will actually help us deliver the Ekiti State University Pre-degree Past Questions to you, with ease and with speed.

If you successfully made this payment, you will then be required to send us a text message, containing the following details;

  • Your Full Name
  • Details of the Account you used to make the payment
  • The name of the past questions e-book you paid for i.e. EKSU Pre-degree Past Questions
  • Your email address

You might be wondering what kind of information you should share with us, when you’re being asked for the details of the Bank Account you used to process the payment.

Well, we require something like this; Sunday Obi, Zenith Bank.

Only the name of the Bank, as well as the Account owner’s name. Nothing more.

And lastly, the essence of your email address, is because this e-book (EKSU Pre-degree Past Questions), will be delivered to you in a Pdf format.

Within fifteen (15) minutes, after your payment has been confirmed, you will receive the e-book you paid for, @your email address.


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