EBSU Pre-degree Past Questions And Answers

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EBSU Pre-degree Past Questions

Ebonyi State University is one of the State Universities, that has high recognition in the Eastern part of the Country (Federal Republic of Nigeria).

This is actually due to a lot of considered factors, like the standard of learning and Teaching, practical facilities, sports, and so much more.

The University is also known for being credible in her screening exercises, irrespective of the Undergraduate program that is involved.

In this article, we are going to narrow down our focus on candidates that are interested in applying for the Pre-degree program under EBSU (Ebonyi State University), as we have made available, a very important tool that will aid in your success.

You will be enlightened on the relevance of the EBSU Pre-degree Past Questions and Answers, as well as the procedures that are involved in downloading it.

However, you might not have access to this information, if you do not read to the end. So, ensure that you read to the end, to avoid missing out.

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The EBSU Pre-degree Past Questions

Earlier in this article, we talked about the credibility, in the screening exercise of Ebonyi State University, in her various Undergraduate Programs.

The Pre-degree program of the University is not left out, as only candidates, who meet the required scores, will be selected.

Want to stay at the top of the competition?

Then it is important that you equip yourself with the EBSU Pre-degree Past Questions.

The reason for this is that most of these Pre-degree questions are often repeated (about 70% of them), and the only way to take advantage, is to practice these past questions, and their answers included, in order to excel in the forthcoming exams.

The good thing is that we have successfully compiled these past questions into one study pack, and the procedures on how to download this study pack has been disclosed below.

Follow the instructions, in order to download.

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Download Procedures Of The EBSU Pre-degree Past Questions

To download this e-book candidates would be required to make a payment of two thousand (2, 000) naira only.

Carrying out this payment won’t be difficult or complicated, if you let the transaction details below, to be your guide;

GT Bank

Account Name: Ezurike Chukwbuikem F.

Account Number: 0449709699

Going through with this kind of transaction, without a means of communication is nearly impossible. So, in response to this, we have provided our phone number @09046624439, so that you can reach us with ease, to avoid making mistakes, during this payment transaction.

There is one more thing you would need to do, after making the required payment.

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Ebonyi State University Pre-degree Past Questions

Ebonyi State University

The last step that is involved in the successful download of the EBSU Pre-degree Past Questions, is actually very important, as it would help us track down your transaction.

You would be required to send us a text message, containing the following details;

  • Your Full Name
  • Details of the Account you used to make the payment
  • Your email address
  • The name of the past questions e-book you paid for.

Apart from helping us track down your transaction, it would also ensure that the past questions e-book you paid for, would actually be delivered to you, in less than fifteen (15) minutes.

Please note that this platform will not request, or ask you for any sensitive Bank Details. All we request for, is the Account Owner’s Name, and the name of the Bank i.e. Akintola Sunday, Access Bank.

We have requested for this information, as we receive lots of payment transaction daily. So, this piece of information would actually help us confirm your payment.

And after your payment has been successfully confirmed, you will receive your copy of the past questions e-book you requested for, directly to your email address.


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