How To Apply For The Vietnam Immigration VISA

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Vietnam Immigration VISA

If you wish to work, study, and reunite with your Family or reside permanently in Vietnam, then you need to read this article to the end, so as to understand how to apply for the Vietnam Immigration VISA.

Before you apply for the VISA, you need to have a purpose of Immigration; this will determine the type of Vietnam Immigration VISA you will have to apply for.

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Vietnam Immigration VISA

Apply for the VISA at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your Home Country.

You should follow the steps below to apply for the VISA.

  • Contact the Embassy/Consulate to make an appointment or learn about any specific requirements.
  • Collect the required documents for your Vietnam VISA (see below).
  • Submit the documents and pay the Vietnam VISA fee.
  • Wait for the VISA to be processed.
  • Collect your passport and learn about the VISA decision.
  • If your application is approved, the Vietnam VISA will be stamped on your passport and you can use it to enter Vietnam.

Keep in mind: Depending on which Country you’re applying from, you may be allowed to submit your documents by mail.

Depending on the purpose of your visit as well as the Embassy/Consulate, you may also have to submit a Letter of Approval from the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

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Required Documents

  1. Your passport, which has at least another six months’ validity.
  2. Passport-size pictures, taken recently with the following specifications:
    • Size: 4 cm x 6 cm
    • White background
    • You must be centered in the picture, staring ahead with a neutral facial expression
    • If you wear headgear for religious purposes or you have a wig, you may keep it in the picture but must also be wearing on arrival
    • You must not be wearing any glasses
  3. The Vietnam VISA Application Form. Depending on which Country you are applying from, you can either download it or get the Vietnam VISA Application Form at the Embassy/Consulate.
  4. Proof you have paid the Vietnam VISA fee.
  5. Any other additional documents that the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate may require. This could include a Letter of Invitation or Sponsorship from someone in Vietnam, depending on the reason why you are traveling.

After you have you arrive Vietnam, you will have to get a Residence permit, Temporary Residence Card (TRC): granted to the foreigners who reside for a definite period of time in Vietnam. Permanent Residence Card (PRC): granted to the foreigners who reside, work permanently in Vietnam.

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Required Documents For The Resident Permit

Vietnam Immigration VISA Application

  • One written request for Temporary Residence card declaration about foreigners, applying for temporary residence card with 02 photos (attached 02 photos sized 3×4 cm).
  • One copy of passport and a VISA which is valid (bring an original for comparison).
  • One copy (bring the original for comparison) or duplicate of legal Agencies, organizations, sponsor Businesses record that are in need of proposal temporary residence card. As each case, foreigners may summit the following documents: investment certificate, business registration license, established representative office license, branch Company (including active notices); seal registration certificate, one photo of working permit (bring original for comparison).
  • Proof document of temporary residence address from Local Police Department.
  • In case of bringing relatives: foreigner must summit some documents showing proof of relationship such as birth certificate, marriage certificate or household registration

Note: Documents above must be translated into Vietnamese and certified or legalized as regulated, except for application for permanent residence, diplomatic note, passport, VISA.




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