How To Apply For The Mongolia Immigration VISA

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Mongolia Immigration VISA

If you wish to Work, Study, reunite with your Family, or reside permanently in Mongolia, then you need to read this article and get to know how to apply for the Mongolia Immigration VISA.

Before you apply for the VISA, you need to have a purpose of Immigration, as this will determine the type of Mongolia Immigration VISA you will have to apply for.

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Required Documents For Mongolia Immigration VISA

You will have to submit the following documents when applying:

  • A completed Mongolia VISA Application Form; You can find the form either online at the Embassy’s Website, or pick it up yourself when you submit your application.
  • Your Original Passport; The passport has to be valid for at least another six months, starting from the date you plan to enter Mongolia.
  • A recent picture of yourself with 3.5cm x 4.5cm dimensions.
  • Proof of accommodation in Mongolia. E.g. Your Hotel reservation.
  • A copy of your Flight or Train ticket.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means to sustain yourself during your stay. E.g. Bank statements from the past six months.
  • If travelling for employment, studying, or other long-term purposes: Approval from the Immigration Agency
  • Any additional Documents that the embassy or consulate asks you to submit.

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How To Apply For Mongolia Immigration VISA

Mongolia Immigration VISA Application

You can apply for the Mongolia Immigration VISA at the Mongolia Embassy or Consulate in your Home Country, or on arrival (VISA on arrival is for short stay purpose).

You need to download the Mongolia VISA Application form and fill it. You can download the form at Mongolia Embassy/Consulate Website.

When you finish filling the form, contact the Mongolian Embassy/Consulate, and book an appointment.

Also demand for the list of Documents you will have to submit, alongside the application form. You can check the list of Mongolia Diplomatic Missions Here.

Proceed to gather the required documents, after you’ve booked the appointment. Submit the application in person at the Mongolia Embassy/ Consulate, or you send it by mail.

Pay your VISA fee the day you Submit the application.

Note: The VISA fee might change depending on your country. Also, you don’t need to make an appointment since they may offer the option of submitting your application via mail.

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You will have to apply for Mongolia Residence Permit once you arrive Mongolia.

If you are applying for a long-term VISA, such as for employment, you need a sponsor in Mongolia, who can get approval on your behalf from the Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Foreign Citizens in Mongolia.

Once your sponsor gets the approval, the sponsor or the relevant Government Agency will forward it to the Diplomatic Mission, where you will apply for the Mongolia VISA.


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