How To Apply For The Malaysia Immigration VISA

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Malaysia Immigration VISA

You can gain your Permanent Residence in Malaysia, If you have the Malaysia Entry permit.

However, the Malaysian Government issues an Entry Permit (Malaysia PR) to certain categories of Foreign Nationals.

If you receive Malaysia permanent residency, you will get an Entry Permit and Identification Card (MyPR).

Malaysia Immigration VISA

Categories Of People That Are Eligible For The Malaysia Entry Permit

If you are an individual with a high net worth, you may be able to get Malaysia PR by depositing at least US$ 2 million in a Malaysian Bank.

You will not be able to withdraw the money for at least five years. Additionally, your spouse and minor children also become eligible for Malaysia permanent residency after five years.

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If you are a highly-skilled professional, you may be eligible for Malaysia PR if you also fulfill the following requirements:

  • You have worked for at least three years in a Malaysian Government Agency or Private Company.
  • You are recommended by a Malaysian authoritative Agency related to your field.
  • You receive a Certificate of Good Conduct from your home country.

If you are an individual with skills and talents recognized as “World Class” by any International Organization, you are eligible to apply for Malaysia permanent residence, if you also:

  • Receive a recommendation by a Malaysian Authoritative Agency related to your field.
  • Receive a Certificate of Good Conduct from your home Country.

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The Spouse Of A Malaysian Citizen

If you are married to a Malaysian citizen, you may be eligible for Malaysian permanent residence, if you have been living in Malaysia with a Long-Term Social Visit Pass for at least five years.


Malaysia also offers foreign nationals an alternate way to permanent residency, if they do not qualify for any of the above-mentioned categories.

If you have been living in Malaysia with a Malaysian work permit for several years, and satisfy certain other conditions to qualify, the Malaysia point-based system to Malaysian PR adds up your points, through how high you score on the following categories:

  • Your age
  • Your qualifications
  • The duration of your stay in Malaysia
  • How familiar you are with the Malaysia Institute
  • The value of your investments
  • Your work experience in Malaysia
  • Your proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia
  • You must score at least 65 points out of 120 overall to be able to apply.

However, you can calculate your points though the Point System Calculator for Entry Permit on the website of Malaysia Immigration Department.

When you decide to apply for the Malaysian permanent residency, you must approach the Immigration Department of Malaysia in Putrajaya and inform them.

They will issue you with all the required forms and a document checklist, which you must collect.

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Requirements For Malaysia Entry Permit | Malaysia Immigration VISA

Malaysia Immigration VISA Application

Once you have obtained all the required documents on the checklist, you must submit them at the Immigration Department.

The required documents are subject to change depending on your specific case, but include:

  • Application form (Form IMM.4)
  • Two passport-size pictures of you
  • Two passport-size pictures of your sponsor
  • A personalized cover letter
  • Recommendation by the Relevant Agency in Malaysia (for Expert and Professional categories.
  • A Marriage Decree Letter (Surat Akuan Perkahwinan), for spouses of Malaysian citizens
  • Photocopies of Employment Pass (if applicable)
  • Photocopies of marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Photocopies of birth certificates for your children (if applicable)
  • Complete photocopy of your passport
  • Any additional documents that support your application, such as proof of funds etc.

Note: you must have a sponsor in Malaysia. The sponsor can be any Malaysian citizen over the age of 21. When you apply for the Entry Permit, both you and the sponsor have to be present.

You must submit your Permanent Residence application (Entry Permit) at the Immigration Department of Malaysia in Putrajaya.

You must submit the application yourself while you are in Malaysia, not by mail or online. After you submit your application, you will also have to attend an Interview with the Immigration Department as well as be subject to a background check by the Police.

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Check out another type of Malaysia Permanent VISA

Another type of Malaysia residence permit is the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program, which offers residence and free travel to the holder and their family members for up to ten years.

You are eligible for the MM2H program, if you can show you have enough independent financial means to fund your stay.

If you are under 50 years old, you must have:

  1. Access to at least $135,000 of liquid assets; or
  2. At least $10,000 per month from a non-Malaysian source

If you are over 50-year-old, you must have:

  1. Access to at least $95,000 of liquid assets; or
  2. At least $3,000 per month from a pension/other income
  • You must also open a Malaysian bank account and deposit at least $40,000. After one year, you can withdraw $13,000 for use in Malaysia, but must keep $27,000 on the account at all times.


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