How To Apply For The Japan Immigration VISA

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Japan Immigration VISA

Normally, you would have to have a strong purpose for Immigrating to Japan, before your VISA can be granted.

This is so, because different people apply for the Japan Immigration VISA for different purposes.

But irrespective of your purpose for Immigrating to Japan, we would highly recommend that you read this article to the end.

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Japan Immigration VISA

Kinds of Immigration VISA
  • Japan Work VISA; issued to foreigners who wish to take up paid employment in Japan.
  • Japan Student VISA; issued to International Students who have been accepted into a Japanese Educational Institution.
  • Japan Marriage VISA; issued to foreigners who are married to a Japanese citizen and want to join them there.
  • Japan Highly Skilled Professional VISA; which as the name suggests, is issued to highly-skilled professionals who want to work in Japan. It is issued through a point-based system and offers a longer period of stay and more benefits than a regular Work VISA.
  • Japan Working Holiday VISA; which is issued to citizens of Countries with which Japan has a Working Holiday Scheme agreement. It allows young people from those Countries to visit Japan and work there for up to a year.

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Required Documents For The Japanese Immigration VISA

Since you have a purpose for moving to Japan, you will have to provide some documents depending on the kinds of Immigration VISA you are applying for.

However, the following are the basic documents you need to provide:

  • Your passport, which should have at least two blank VISA pages as well as be valid for at least another six months starting from the time you intend to enter Japan.
  • Recent passport-size pictures taken in front of a white background
  • A Japan VISA Application Form completed and signed.
  • Booked flight ticket.
  • Proof of sufficient financial requirements, such as bank statements or a letter from a guarantor.

Note: If you have a sponsor/guarantor in Japan, they have to provide you with the required documents on their part before you can submit the application.

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Application Procedures

Japan Immigration VISA Application

When applying for a VISA to Immigrate to Japan, you should follow these steps;

  1. Confirm if you need a VISA to enter Japan: There are some Countries that are exempted from using a VISA before they enter Japan, you have to check whether your Country is among.
  2. Find and contact a Japanese Embassy or Consulate near you: Inquire about the required documents, opening and closing hours, and make an appointment.
  3. Collect the required documents: Gather the aforementioned documents
  4. Submit the Japan VISA application: After you have all your required documents, you have to submit them at the Japan Embassy or Consulate so your application can start processing.
  5. Collect the VISA: Once your VISA application has been processed, you have to go back to the Embassy/Consulate and collect your passport. The Japan VISA will be affixed on your passport if the application was approved, and you can use it to travel to Japan within three months.

Note: before you submit the VISA application at the Embassy or Consulate, you have to get a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from an Immigration Office in Japan, through an authorized representative.

On reaching Japan, you’ll have to get a Landing permit from the Japanese Immigration Officers. You can get a Permanent Residence permit if you reside in Japan for more than 3 years.

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Other Things You Should Note

  • The fees for Japan VISAs are:
    • 3,000 Yen for a single-entry VISA
    • 6,000 Yen for a double-entry or multiple-entry VISA
  • Japanese VISA processing time is five working days, beginning from the day that the Embassy or Consulate receives your completed application. But if they have to send your application for further examination to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo or if they ask you for additional documents the time could be extended.
  • You can extend your VISA once it expires.





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