How To Apply For The Italy Immigration VISA

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Italy Immigration VISA

The Italy Immigration VISA can also be referred to as the Italy Residence VISA. It gives it’s holders the power to reside in Italy, without restrictions and limitations (for permanent residence)

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Italy Immigration VISA

Pre conditions before you apply for the Italy immigration VISA

Before an applicant can immigrate to Italy, or gain a permanent Resident VISA, the applicant must;

  • Stay up to 5 years consecutively in Italy for Non-EU Countries
  • have had a long stay VISA in any of the type,

Ways you can use in Appling for the Italy Permanent Residence Permit

You can seek routes to Immigrate to Italy permanently through;

  • A work permit, which entitles the applicant to live and work in Italy for a pre-determined period prior to applying for permanent residency.
  • The residence permit for entrepreneur scheme which allows a foreign citizen to start his/her own businesses here.
  • The Golden VISA Scheme which implies an investment in a specific domain of interest acknowledged by the Italian government.
  • A self-employment VISA which allows the foreign citizen to work as a sole trader in Italy;
  • The Student VISA which is an option for foreign Students who can convert such a VISA into a work permit.

Foreign citizens married to Italians can obtain permanent residency through Spouse VISAs.

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  • Persons Immigrating to Italy from both EU and non-EU states must first prove they have a sufficient level of Italian language, and submit proof that they can support themselves without appealing to public funds.
  • EU citizens applying for permanent residence permits in Italy will find it quite easy to file a few documents which will enable them to relocate to Italy. The Major requirement for Italy Immigration as an individual from an EU-state is to live in Italy for a minimum period of 3 months. While, Immigrants from a non-EU Country is that a temporary residence permit will be issued first. Additionally, the foreign citizen must live in Italy for 5 years consecutively in order to be issued a permanent residence card.
  • Applicants must register with the National Police through the local offices in the city the applicant lives.
Required Documents For The Italy Permanent Residence Permit

Before Immigrating to Italy for permanent stay, you must have your Italy Permanent Residence Permit.

The following documents are needed for the application of the permanent permit;

  • The temporary residence permit which will serve as proof of living in the Country for the required period of time.
  • The registration certificate (a document issued by the Italian authorities upon entering the country).
  • The proof of having a legal address in Italy (a rental contract or a recent utility bill).
  • The proof of having sufficient means of self-sustenance (bank statements, tax returns, paychecks issued by the employer) and the criminal record.

Note: You must apply for an Italian residence permit within 8 days of entering Italy.

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