How To Apply For The Hungary Immigration VISA

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Hungary Immigration VISA

Since you plan on Immigrating to Hungary, we would highly recommend that you read and digest the content of this article, as it would provide you with all the relevant information you need, on the topic; “The Hungary Immigration VISA”.

Hungary is one of the Schengen Countries. Therefore, if you are planning to reside in Hungary, you have to apply for the Schengen Immigration VISA for Hungary.

Before you apply for the VISA you must:

  • Understand the purpose of your Immigration
  • Apply for the kind of VISA that fits your purpose
  • Check and confirm if your Country needs a VISA to enter Schengen Countries or not

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Hungary Immigration VISA

Required Documents for Hungary Immigration VISA
  • Passport valid at least 6 months beyond your date of entry
  • Copy of the photograph page of your passport
  • Passport photo no more than 6 months old
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Proof of address or housing in Hungary
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses in the form of bank assurance/statement
  • VISA application form
  • 3 stamped envelopes addressed to the applicant

Note: You may need to attach additional documents depending on your purpose of Immigration.

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Application Procedures

You are to download and fill the Hungary VISA application form.

Fill the form correctly and make no mistakes, state the purpose of your Immigration. You will have to submit your Application form at the Hungary Embassy/Consulate in your Home Country.

Book an appointment with the Hungary Consulate; some Consulates appointments are booked through mail, some online, find out how the Hungary Consulate in your Home Country operates.

Apply for the Hungary Immigration VISA within the last 90 days of your scheduled flight.

It will take around 4 to 6 weeks after applying for appointment. After you have submitted all the documents, additional 1 to 4 weeks will be required to process them.

Attend VISA interviews and pay VISA fee.

Note: Hungary immigration VISA is a long-term VISA, you will have to get a residence permit when you reach Hungary.

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Apply For The Hungary Residence Permit

Hungary Immigration VISA Application

You must apply for the  residence permit at Immigration and Asylum Office, within in 15 days after reaching Hungary.

Note: You can extend your VISA if it expires.



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