How To Apply For The Guyana Immigration VISA

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Guyana Immigration VISA

Foreigners, who wants to Immigrate to Guyana and reside for a long time, maybe a period of 3 to 10 years or above, must have to apply for the Guyana Immigration VISA.

This article would guide you on the successful application for this type of VISA.

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Guyana Immigration VISA

There are different kinds of immigration VISA. The one you will have to apply for, depends on the purpose of your Immigration.

You may want to Immigrate to Guyana for work, or you may likely want to Immigrate to Guyana in order to run a Business there.

You can also Immigrate to Guyana in order to reunite with your family. However, the application Procedures for all the VISA are the same, but the documents for the application differs.

Kindly note that there are some Countries that are exempted from applying for the Guyana VISA.

Nationals of these Countries can enter Guyana and stay for some times for without a VISA. However, the VISA exemption is only for Tourism purpose.

All Immigrants must have to apply for the Guyana VISA, at the Consulate or Embassy of Guyana in their Home Countries.

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Basic Requirements

Guyana Immigration VISA Application

When it comes to the Guyana Immigration VISA, there are several Documents, which you will have to submit, alongside the VISA application form, and also depending on your purpose of Immigration.

These documents are;

  1. Your passport, which is valid for at least another six months.
  2. Three completed copies of the Guyana VISA application form
  3. Two VISA pictures, with the following requirements:
    • Size: 2-inch x 2-inch
    • White background
    • Taken recently (on older than three months)
    • You must be straying straight ahead, with a neutral face expression
    • Your entire face must be visible
    • No headgear is allowed unless it is for religious purposes. Even in this case, the headgear cannot cover the face.
    • No large or tinted eyeglasses or eyeglasses with thick frames which obstruct the face or the eyes.
  4. Proof of accommodation in Guyana (such as a hotel reservation)
  5. Proof you have the necessary financial resources to fund your trip to Guyana
  6. Invitation letter from a person/company in Guyana (if applicable)
  7. For employment VISA: A letter of approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Your employer has to apply for approval before you travel for Guyana.
  8. For student VISA: The acceptance letter from the university in Guyana.
  9. For business VISA:
    • Letter of Support from your sponsor or the host company/organization
    • Letter of Invitation from your sponsor or the host company/organization
    • Business Registration and TIN Certificate of the host company/organization
  10. If you are applying by mail: Mail Order or a pre-paid envelope to cover the return of the documents.

Note: You may be required to submit another document, depending on your Nationality and purpose of Immigration.

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Application Procedures

Guyana VISA

The VISA can be gotten at the Embassy or Consulate of Guyana, or on Arrival.

If you are applying for the VISA on arrival, you must apply it via this website

To get a Guyana Employment VISA on Arrival you need:

Approval for the employment VISA and work permit in Guyana; Your Employer has to apply for your work permit at the Ministry of Home Affairs, before you travel for Guyana by submitting the following:

  • Proof that the Company is a registered and established business, in line with the requirements in Guyana.
  • Your personal information and contact information.
  • The employer’s personal and contact information

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To get a Guyana Student VISA on Arrival you need:
  • Approval for you to study in Guyana, which your school has to get for you before you travel. To get approval, they have to submit the following to the Ministry of Home Affairs:
    • A document containing the name, address, and contact information of the school
    • The address of where you will stay when you are in Guyana
    • Your acceptance letter in the school
    • Proof of financial support which will cover you while you study in Guyana

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To get a Guyana Business VISA on Arrival you need:
  • A document containing the name of the company and of a representative of the company
  • Address and contact information of the place you intend to stay while you are in Guyana
  • The inviting Company has to submit your intended place of stay, and the name of the Business, as well as the nature and address of the Business, to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

If you’re Applying at the Embassy or Consulate of Guyana, you must follow These steps:

  • Find the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Guyana. Contact them to learn about their VISA application requirements. They usually have contact information on their websites.
  • Collect the required documents. The Embassy/Consulate will provide you with a detailed list of the requirements.
  • Complete the Guyana VISA application form.
  • Submit the required documents and application form at the Guyana Embassy/Consulate. You can submit in person or by mail, depending on the country.
  • Pay the Guyana VISA fee.
  • Wait for the VISA to be processed. This usually takes at least five working days. Then, you may have to go receive your VISA personally, or they will mail it back to you.

When you get your VISA, proceed to travel to Guyana.

VISA fees:

  • Guyana employment VISA: USD 140
  • Guyana student VISA: USD 140
  • Guyana business VISA: USD 140

The Guyana employment VISA and student VISA are issued for up to three years and can be renewed.

A Guyana business VISA can be issued for up to five years.


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