How To Apply For The Germany Immigration VISA

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Germany Immigration VISA

Immigration VISA is a VISA that allow you to move to any Country and reside for a long period of time, and for a good reason for immigrating.

You can immigrate to Germany because of school, work, Family reunion, Entrepreneurs etc. Usually after applying for a Long stay VISA, you’ll have to need a Resident Permit on arriving Germany.

Germany Immigration VISA

Conditions Before Immigrating To Germany

Though, each Long stay VISA has its own requirement that you should meet up before applying for the VISA. However, there are some similarities in the conditions you should meet.

The conditions are;

  • Prove financial stability: You must prove that you have enough money to cover your stay in Germany for each immigration purpose you have, till you leave Germany.
  • Have health insurance: You must have a valid health insurance coverage before you are able to immigrate to Germany. The recommended way is to get German health insurance, since you cannot be sure whether German authorities will accept foreign health insurance.
  • Have at least basic proficiency in German: Before you are able to live in Germany, you will need to know German. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has three levels of language proficiency, A, B and C. Each one has two parts. So the language proficiency is divided in A1/A2 or basic, B1/B2 or proficient in the language, and C1/C2 or advanced language skills. To be allowed to immigrate in Germany, you will need to enter the exams and pass them up to either A1 or B1. If you want to get a permanent residence, you will need a higher proficiency of C1 or C2.

Note: After Meeting up with the aforementioned conditions you can proceed to Apply for a VISA.

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Application Procedures

When you’re applying for the Germany Immigration VISA, be sure of your own purpose for Immigrating to Germany, whether Work, Studies, etc.

If you want to work in Germany, you will have to apply for Germany Work VISA, if you want to study, you should apply for Germany Student VISA.

Before applying you have to check if your Country needs a VISA to travel to any Schengen Countries, as there are some Countries that are exempted from applying for a Schengen VISA before entering any Schengen Country.

You need to presents all the needed documents in your application process. However, you may need to present additional documents depending on the type of Germany immigration VISA you’re applying for.

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Germany Residence Permit

You must get a residence permit before you stay in Germany. The Germany VISA is just a Pass from your country to Germany, it does not guarantee your stay in Germany.

There are two kinds of German Residence Permit;

  • Temporary Residence Permit
  • Permanent Resident Permit.

Temporary residence permits allow foreign nationals to stay in Germany for a specified period of time and then return to their home countries. Permanent residence permits mean that the foreign national can stay in Germany as long as they want to, can leave and return to the country whenever they want to. However, a permanent residence permit does not mean that you get a German citizen.

Germany Temporary Permanent Residence is of two types,
  • EU Blue Card: The EU Blue Card grants its holders the right to stay in Germany for four years, with a possibility of changing their residence permit into a permanent settlement. The EU Blue Card is given to foreign national workers (who are not citizens of EU countries) who have high qualifications and want to work in Germany and apply those skills. High qualifications mean that the person has an undergraduate or graduate degree in any given field. To qualify for the EU Blue Card, you will need to have already found a job in Germany, and the minimum annual salary must be 50,800 Euros.
  • Standard Residence Permit: This is given for all purpose of immigration, such as completing training courses, for former Germans who want to return to Germany, and those who go to Germany for political and humanitarian reasons etc. The standard residence permit is valid for some time and can be extended.

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Germany Permanent Residence Permit

This is otherwise known as Settlement permit. This is given to those who have had either a standard residence permit or an EU Blue Card for at least 5 years and meet certain language requirements.

To qualify for permanent settlement the person must show enough German proficiency, meet certain financial requirements, as well as must have worked in Germany for more than 33 months in their place of employment which requires the skills gained with the highest qualifications.

Note: When Planning to immigrate to Germany you must have a purpose before you apply for a VISA pertaining to that purpose. It takes up to five years of residence before you can get a permanent resident permit in Germany.


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