How To Apply For The France Immigration VISA

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France Immigration VISA

France Immigration VISA

France Permanent Resident Card

The permanent resident card holders are entitled to stay in France unconditionally. Immigrating to France will demand you meet some conditions.

Eligible for this card are only those who have held two consecutive resident cards or a 10-year EU long-term Resident Card that is expiring.

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Things You Must Know Before Applying For the Permanent Resident Card
  • You cannot apply for the France Permanent Residence Card, if you haven’t stayed in France for up to 5, or ten years.
  • You must have held two consecutives resident VISAs
  • You cannot get a permanent residence card on your first Visit to France.

Application Procedures For The France Immigration VISA

You will have to file your application at the prefecture or sub-prefecture, that is the closest to your home in France.

Because of organizational reasons, some of the prefectures will make the applicants apply four to five months before, online.

Therefore, consult the Website of the prefecture near your Home and find out more.

The documents required to apply for this permit are as following:

  • Information on your marital status
  • Home address in France
  • resident card expiring
  • 3 photos no older than three months
  • declaration of non-polygamy if you are married
  • proof that you have not spent more than 3 consecutive years outside of France within the past 10 years (outside of Europe if you are a EU Blue Card holder)
  • proof of your French language knowledge

The fee for this residence card is 269 ​​€.

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