How To Apply For The Belgium Immigration VISA

Belgium Immigration VISA

For the Complete guide on how to successfully Immigrate to Belgium, you should read through this article, as it explains the application process for the Belgium Immigration VISA.

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Belgium Immigration VISA

Belgium is a European Country, which is endowed with Good Culture, good people and perfect lifestyle.

It is also rated as one of the Developed Countries in terms of technology and otherwise.

Foreign Nationals, who wants to Immigrate to Belgium must have to get a VISA and the Belgian Immigration VISA allows you to stay in Belgium for a long time, unlike the Schengen Short-stay VISA, you will get a residence permit.

Applying for the Belgium Immigration VISA depends on your purpose of Immigration.

There are different reasons that make people Immigrate to Belgium.

  • You can Immigrate for work; Working regularly in Belgium, for the period of 2 to 3 years or more.
  • You can Immigrate for Family Reunion; Moving to Belgium to reside with your family, usually the Husband or Wife, must be a Belgium citizen.
  • You can Immigrate for Retirement; this is for people who have retired from Work, and wants to Immigrate to Belgium to live there, but you will have to provide some documents to prove that you are retired.

It is pertinent to note that, Nationals of all EU and EEA Countries, can enter Belgium without a VISA, but they will have to Get a Residence Permit, before they can stay in the Country for over 3 months.

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Required Documents For The Belgium Immigration VISA

Belgium Immigration VISA Application

There are several supporting documents you have to submit, alongside the application form. Make sure you gather all of them, and be sure that they are not fake, as it can lead to the rejection of your VISA.

The following are the documents you need to compile;

  • A completed and signed VISA application form (you may need to bring more than one)
  • A Passport, or similar Travel Document valid for more than 12 months. In some Countries it’s required for the passport to be no more than 10 years old, and have two empty consecutive pages facing each other.
  • Proof that you have sufficient financial income or support for the duration of your stay. This must cover your Healthcare, Living, Study and Accommodation costs as well as the cost of your return ticket. This can be in the form of a certificate, stating you have received a grant or Scholarship, an agreement of Financial responsibility from your Sponsor, or your personal Bank statement showing sufficient funds.
  • A Medical certificate, stating you don’t carry any diseases that may endanger Public Health (such as TB, diseases that require quarantine and other infectious diseases)
  • A Police certificate of good conduct, confirming that you don’t have any prior convictions (if you are aged over 21). If you’re from the US, you’ll probably need an FBI background check, which can take up to five months to obtain.
  • Any additional Documents depending on your purpose of Immigration, as will be required by the Embassy or Consulate.

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Take Note

Belgian Immigration VISA

All documents in a language other than German, French, English or Dutch, must be translated by a sworn translator, legalized as a separate document in your Country of origin, and legalized again by the Belgian Consulate or Embassy you go to.

Your Consulate or Embassy may ask for other documents not mentioned here, depending on your Country of origin.

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Application Procedures

Applying for the Belgian Immigration VISA demands your carefulness.

You must not make any mistake when applying for the VISA, but the VISA application Procedure is not really strict.

You can get your VISA ready, if you follow the steps below;

  1. Fill and Complete the VISA application form: You can download a PDF of the form, fill and complete. Make sure you provide accurate information about you.
  2. Find out where to Apply for the VISA: You can apply for the VISA at the Belgian Consulate or Embassy in your Home Country. If there is no Embassy or Consulate in your Country, then you can visit the nearest one in your neighboring Country. Book an appointment with them and make inquiries about their operation hours.
  3. Gather the required documents: You will have to compile the documents. You can see the list of the documents above. Note: the Embassy or Consulate may require another document, depending on your Country and purpose of Immigration.
  4. Attend VISA Interview: The interviewer will only interrogate you on your purpose of travel and your background. Make sure you attend the VISA interview early.
  5. Submit your Documents and pay the VISA fee: Proceed to submit all the aforementioned documents and pay VISA fee.
  6. Wait for your VISA to be Processed: The processing time of the VISA depends on the Belgian Consulate or Embassy in your Country. If they are loaded with much work it’ll take much time to process your VISA.

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Keep In Mind

Immigration VISA for Belgium

When you arrive Belgium, you will have to get a Residence Permit.

For more information about the Belgium Immigration, you can see it at the website of Foreigners Department of the Federal Public Service (FPS) for Home Affairs.


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