CII report reveals the future skillset of claims professionals

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Authored by CII

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) New Generation Claims group have published research investigating how technology and innovation is changing the claims environment and the professional skillsets required of professionals.

It is evident that technology is already changing the claims environment rapidly. The 445 claims professionals surveyed believed that the automation of small claims is a very likely outcome, which may have an impact on customer satisfaction scores, whereas complex claims handling is expected to still require some element of human input.

The insight concluded that 2020 not only saw a rapid increase in hybrid working but also a change in perception and willingness to engage with technology, and the insurance sector will need to make important changes to enable the future workforce to thrive going forward.

Matthew Connell, director of policy and public affairs at the Chartered Insurance Institute, said: “Consumer expectations have been set and moulded by online retailers who use technology to give a fast, efficient and streamlined service with real-time data. The impact of Covid-19 and consequential lockdowns has accelerated change in the working landscape, encouraging prompt cultural shifts.

“Insurance is a sector which often relies heavily on legacy systems, and this can constrain our sense of what it possible when it comes to technological development. We must learn  lessons from the pandemic and innovate in order to meet the public’s needs.

“This report from the CII’s New Generation Group shows the value of engaging with fresh entrants to the profession and encouraging them to challenge our claims processes, if we are to remain a modern, relevant and able to meet the diverse needs of the public.”

As claims roles vary according to sector, department and experience level,  an important element of consideration of this research was the extent to which technology will influence these roles.

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