How To Apply For A Canada Business VISA

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Canada Business VISA

Canada Business VISA allows you to run a Business with a Canadian Company, attend Business meetings, sign agreements etc.

Canada Business VISA is a temporary VISA, as you are not allowed to stay for a long time, usually less than 6 months.

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Eligibility Check

  • You must have a proof that you are developing a Business relationship with a Company in Canada, or maybe you have been invited for a conference or meeting.
  • You must own a Business in another Country, or be an employee of a Business registered in another Country other than Canada
  • You must have a record of respecting other Business VISAs from other Countries.
  • Have an income from a workplace in another Country, so you cannot be an employee in Canada.

Application Procedures

  • Confirm your eligibility for a Canada Business VISA.
  • Compile the document file and application forms for a Canada VISA.
  • Submit the Canada Business VISA.
  • Wait for processing and respond to additional requests for information.
  • Send your passport for stamping.

Note: All application process for a Canada VISA are the same.

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What Requirement Will Help To Complete The Document File?

Business Visa For Canada

  • The required documents for every Canada VISA application.
  • Complete travel itinerary if you have already booked your tickets, or just a description of what you plan to do once in Canada.
  • A letter of invitation for Canada VISA application from the company you are visiting from the workshop, conference, or trade show organizers.
  • Registration documents of the Company you work for.
  • A letter from your employer stating your job title, salary, and reason why you are visiting Canada;
  • Registration documents from the Canadian company which has invited you in Canada.
  • A Declaration Letter from you to the Government of Canada where you explain why they should give you a VISA.
  • Two photographs that meet the Canada Photo Requirements.

Take note that all documents must be in English or French, and if they have been translated, you must proof that the translation is correct via a certificate.

Once your documents are submitted, you can proceed to submit the application after that you pay your VISA application fee.

How Much Will I Pay To Get The Canada Business VISA?

The cost of Canada Business VISA is CAD$100, Biometric information fee is CAD$85, making the total cost of the Business VISA to be CAD$185.

If your VISA is approved then you will pay CAD$45 for passport processing.

  • You will have to wait from 1 to 6 weeks for the Business VISA to be processed.

Canada Business VISA Validity

Canadian Business VISA

The Canada Business VISA is only valid for less than 6 months; it is a Temporary Resident VISA.

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Can I Go With My Family?

You cannot go with your family since you are to attend a Business meeting.


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