How To Apply For The Cambodia Business VISA

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Cambodia Business VISA

Applying for the Cambodia Business VISA is now as easy as ever, as we have provided you with detailed instructions and guidelines, which would help you get this VISA with ease.

All you need to do, in order to learn the procedures that are involved, is to read this article to the end. Also ensure that you follow the instructions that has been provided as well.

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Cambodia Business VISA

The Cambodia Business VISA is classified under the Cambodia ordinary VISA. The VISA is issued for up to a year, this implies that you can enter Cambodia with the Business VISA, for business purposes or any Business-related activities for up to a year.

There are several Countries that are exempted from applying for the Cambodia VISA. These Countries have reached a VISA-waiver agreement with Cambodia, and they can enter the Country and stay for up to 14 days or 30 days.

  • Brunei (14 days)
  • Indonesia (30 days)
  • Laos (30 days)
  • Malaysia (30 days)
  • Philippines (21 days)
  • Seychelles (14 days)
  • Singapore (30 days)
  • Thailand (14 days)
  • Vietnam (30 days)

However, The VISA exemption is for Tourism purposes only. Business VISA is a long stay VISA, so the exemption may not work.

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Required Documents For The Cambodia Business VISA

Usually when applying for the Cambodian Business VISA, you will have to compile several documents. The documents are;

  • Your passport, which must be valid for at least another six months and with at least one blank VISA page
  • A return-trip ticket.
  • Cash in US dollars to pay the VISA fee. US$35 for business VISA
  • When applying at an Embassy: Any other documents that the immigration officers require, such as a cover letter, invitation letter, etc.

These are not all the documents you will need for the VISA; you will have to inquire about the complete documents at the Cambodian Embassy or Consulate you will apply for the VISA.

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Application Procedures

Cambodia Business VISA Application

There are two ways in which you can apply for the Cambodian Business VISA. Applying at the Cambodia Embassy or Consulate in your Home Country, or on your arrival.

If you are applying for the VISA on arrival, you have to:

  • Fill out an Immigration Card, which you receive on the airplane. If you do not get an Immigration card on the airplane, you can get it at the airport/entry point.
  • Wait in line at the VISA on arrival application counter. There will usually be a sign at the airport/entry point leading to where the application center is.
  • Present your passport, Immigration card, passport sized pictures, your return travel ticket, as well as enough cash to pay the VISA fee. The fee for a VISA on Arrival is US$35 for business VISAs. You must pay in US dollars in cash.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the immigration officers process your VISA application.
  • The Immigration Officer will also take your picture and fingerprints before stamping your VISA on the passport.

You can get a Cambodian VISA on arrival at one of the following entry points:

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Siem Reap International Airport
  • Vietnam border:
    • Banteay Chakrey International Border Check Point
    • Bavet International Check Point
    • Kha Orm Sam Nor International Check Point
    • Oyadav International Check Point
    • Phnom Den International Check Point
    • Prek Chak International Check Point
    • Samrong International Check Point
    • Tropeang Sre International Check Point
    • Tropieng Phlong International Check Point
  • Thailand border:
    • Anglong Veng International Check Point
    • Cham Yeam International Check Point
    • Doung International Check Point
    • Osmach International Check Point
    • Poi Pet International Check Point
    • Prum International Check Point
  • Laos border:
    • Dong Krolar International Check Point

Keep in mind: Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, you cannot receive a Cambodian VISA on Arrival at the moment. The borders with Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos are closed. You will have to apply at an Embassy of Cambodia instead.

If you are applying for the VISA at the Cambodia embassy or consulate, you must:

  • Locate the nearest Embassy/Consulate. See a list of diplomatic missions of Cambodia here, along with their addresses and contact information.
  • Contact the Embassy/Consulate or visit its website to learn more about the VISA application process and requirements.
  • Collect the required documents. There will usually be a list of documents on the website.
  • Go to the Embassy/Consulate in person or send the application by mail, depending on their specific requirements.

Note: Because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions, an Embassy/Consulate is the only place where you can get a Cambodian VISA.

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VISA Extension

Ordinary (E) VISAs can be extended for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on your need, at the Immigration Department of the Cambodian National Police.

When you extend your VISA, you must have with you all the relevant documents relating to your purpose in Cambodia. If you are going to work, you need a work contract/letter, if you will study, you need a letter of enrollment, etc.



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