5 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Stay But You Want To Quit

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When you want to quit your job, every day feels like a Monday. You drag yourself from meeting to meeting while fighting through boredom, trying to get through each day. Even though you may be ready to quit, signs your boss wants you to stay are probably there, especially if you are a great employee.

If you are considering quitting your job, you are not alone. According to CNN, over 47.4 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs during what is now deemed “The Great Resignation.”

Employees now more than ever are feeling the urge to quit their jobs in search of better opportunities, to stay remote, fit their new lifestyle, or make a career change.

Although employers are now offering more incentives to stay, employees are taking their career paths into their own hands with new opportunities to freelance, jobs that are more flexible and turn their side hustles into full-time careers.

If you see signs your boss wants you to stay, but you are considering quitting, assess what your motivation is and next steps are, either at your current job or in preparing for a new one.

How to know when it’s time to quit your job despite the signs your boss wants you to stay

Quitting your job is a major career decision. Questioning your career path is one telltale sign that it might be time to quit your job and consider a new career. In recent years, over 50% of Americans considered making a career change, according to the career website Zippia. Here are a few signs it may be time to quit your job, despite the signs your boss wants you to stay!

You want to find a career you love

If you found a new career you’re interested in or looking to start your own business, it may be time to consider whether your current job is still right for you. You spend a lot of time at work and there is nothing wrong with wanting to find a job you actually love.

You are overworked and underpaid

Many employers face the same battle with their companies, from burnout to lack of promotional opportunities. These are external signs that it may be time to quit your job, even though there are signs your boss wants you to stay.

Feeling overworked and underpaid are some of the biggest factors most workers choose to quit their jobs. Have your workdays gotten longer? Are you taking on more responsibility with no increase in pay or promotion in sight? Consider if it’s time to maybe quit.

You have a toxic boss

Half the battle of working is the people you work with and for. If your management is difficult to work with and learn from, it may be time to consider quitting your job and moving on. Working with difficult managers and coworkers can make each workday unbearable.

You deserve to wake up and love going to work. Who you work for is a big part of that motivation. If you aren’t receiving the support you need professionally, consider searching for a new job that can provide that.

Your work-life balance continues to decline

Work-life balance is very important, and everyone deserves to have separation between their work life and their personal life.

If your work-life balance is declining due to more responsibilities from your manager and less time away from the office, it’s time to reconsider your career and where it fits into your life.

5 Apparent signs your boss wants you to stay

There’s a little voice inside of you urging you to quit, but your boss wants you to stay. It might be difficult to decipher the signs.

Here are a few signs your boss wants you to stay even though you are considering quitting.

1. Your boss gives you more responsibilities

Your boss might be showing you signs that they want you to stay by trusting you with more work duties. Unfortunately, more work typically means easily feeling overworked, which could make you want to quit even more.

This is a common sign that your boss sees potential in you as an employee but doesn’t realize how more work impacts your well-being and work-life balance.

2. They offer incentives

If your boss is giving you incentives frequently it’s another sign they appreciate you and want you to stay. But all the paid time off and free lunches won’t change your workload or make it easier to stay at your job.

If you’re being offered company incentives with no relief from a heavy workload, it may be time to consider a new job that will respect your work-life balance.

3. Your boss discusses your career future

Does your boss discuss your career aspirations and try to help you achieve them? Is there a clear path to where your current job is going?

Has your boss given you guidance as to how you’ll advance as an employee? This is one of the biggest signs your boss wants you to stay long-term.

However, if your career future is no good without the proper guidance from your manager to get there. If you are receiving little to no guidance from your boss about career growth, it’s time to plan your own.

4. You’re offered more visibility

If your boss is raving about you to their colleagues this is another one of the most apparent signs your boss wants you to stay. You are finally getting to sit at the table and increase your visibility around the company.

However, if the opportunities to advance are not there to match your level of effort, that’s a problem. Advancing as an employee in terms of experience, but not on paper is a sign your boss wants you to stay but isn’t valuing your contributions enough to pay you what you’re worth.

5. They ask for your opinion

Does your boss seek you out to ask your opinion on things? That means they value your input and see you as an asset to the company. This is a huge sign they want you to stay. So, now you know why your boss is always leveraging your opinions and ideas on matters!

Use signs your boss wants you to stay to your advantage

Your boss is urging you to stay at your current job, even though you feel differently. Use the signs your boss wants you to stay to your advantage.

Discuss opportunities to enhance your skills

Open the lines of communication with your boss if they are showing you signs that they want you to stay. Touch base with your boss to discuss any opportunities to enhance your experience.

Take growth opportunities from your boss to lead you into your next job. If there are opportunities to take free courses at your company, attend conferences and receive more certifications or training, use these to your advantage.

Soak up and take advantage of as much knowledge as you can before deciding whether to stay or quit.

Negotiate incentives and benefits

Negotiate incentives that will encourage you to stay like shorter work hours or more paid time off. Bring tangible examples of how your contributions have helped the growth of the company. This shows your boss the value you bring to the table.

Leverage other job offers

If you are currently job hunting and interviewing for new roles, use new job offers as leverage with your current employer. You can use an offer from another company to negotiate a better position or more pay.

A job offer shows your boss that you are highly valuable in the job market. Use it as great leverage to get what you want.

Make the best decision for your career even though there are signs your boss wants you to stay!

The decision to leave your job or stay is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Weigh the pros and cons of each outcome, regardless of the signs that your boss wants you to stay.

Your career path is in your hands; listen to yourself, pay attention to the signs of when it’s the right time, and make the best decision for you.

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